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These Extraordinary rodents change color under UV light

Biofluorescence is a property that allows some animals to glow under UV light, but rarely is it seen in mammals. New research reveals that springhares, which are tiny rodents that are native to Africa, also possess this strange ability, and scientists want to know why.  Their glowing fur is possible thanks to a compound present…

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Nia Dennis’ incredible 9.95 floor Workout

Last year, UCLA gymnast Nia Dennis gained attention when she performed a floor exercise to Beyonce and scored a 9.975. Well on Saturday she pulled out another amazing performance, scoring a 9.95 to clinch the win for the Bruins against Arizona State. Obviously her floor exercises are going viral because they’re non-traditional, but they’re also…

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You need to read Dr. Fauci’s incredible news about the UK coronavirus mutation

The UK coronavirus mutation is spreading faster than other variants and has reached several other countries, including America. Dr. Anthony Fauci said in a discussion with California Governor Gavin Newsom that he was not surprised to hear the B.1.1.7 variant was already spreading in the US. The NIAID director also offered great news about the…

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This might be the most incredible image of the Sun we’ve ever seen

The National Science Foundation’s Inouye Solar Telescope captured an image of a sunspot in incredible detail. The sunspot, which is roughly in the shape of a heart, is one of the first images captured by the newly-minted telescope. The entire Earth could fit inside the borders of the sunspot. The Sun is something that a…