Funeral inspired

How a funeral inspired the pandemic’s hottest hardware

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Business inspired Wire'

‘The Wire’ Inspired a Fake Turtle Egg That Spies on Poachers

In the HBO series The Wire, Baltimore cops Herc and Carver devise an unorthodox way to listen in on a drug dealer named Frog, right on the street: They shove a tiny, $1,250 microphone into a tennis ball, which they then place in a gutter. Listening in from a building across the street, they watch…

Closely inspired

This Utah play is inspired by, and will closely follow, social distancing rules

Are Utahns ready to return to watch live theater, after two months of no mass gatherings because of the coronavirus pandemic? James Parker thinks so, with some limitations. “We looked at all the safety guidelines and the recommendations, and we thought, ‘You know? Yeah, maybe it’s not financially feasible to do it, but as far…