Clubhouse Invite

So You Got a Clubhouse Invite. Here’s How to Get Started

Clubhouse is a hot commodity. It has grown considerably since its launch in April 2020. Last December there were approximately 600,000 users. Now there are over 10 million around the globe. Despite big numbers, it’s still in beta, so membership is only possible via an existing member. If you received an invite, welcome.As with any…

“Don’t Invite

You don’t get an invite to these weddings unless you’re vaccinated or have a negative covid test

On March 20, Kyle Niemer and Mallory Raven-Ellen Backstrom had the wedding of their dreams: intimate (around 40 guests), in a spacious venue with a dance floor, great food — and PCR tests on demand to check unvaccinated guests, administered by a doctor and nurse in the bridal party. For two weeks, the couple was…

Invite SpaceX

NASA, SpaceX Invite Media to Next Commercial Crew Launch

Media accreditation is now open for NASA’s SpaceX Crew-2 mission to the International Space Station.

Chiefs Invite

Chiefs Invite Kansas City Health Care Workers to Attend Super Bowl 55

The Kansas City Chiefs announced they have invited local health care workers to attend Super Bowl LV as official guests of the team…