Legends Outlaws

Hood: Outlaws & Legends Review

As game premises go, it’s really hard to beat Hood: Outlaws & Legends. A Robin Hood fantasy heist game where you and a crew of outlaws steal from the heavily guarded fortresses of the rich and give it to the poor? Sign me and all my friends the heck up! But where this breathtaking world…

Legends Season

Apex Legends Season 9 Launch Has A Rocky Start, Dev Promises Fixes Coming Soon

Apex Legends Season 9 launched to an enthusiastic response from players–but developer Respawn’s servers weren’t prepared for just how enthusiastic they would be. Since the season’s release earlier today, players have faced an array of problems with Apex Legends due to overloaded infrastructure, including extreme difficulty getting into matches.Respawn has been sharing its progress on…

League Legends

League of Legends Arcane heads to Netflix in the fall

What will happen in League of Legends Arcane? Riot Games In 2019, developer Riot Games celebrated the 10th anniversary of League of Legends by revealing some new spinoffs. This included strategy card game Legend of Runeterra, the mobile game League of Legends Wilf Rift and an animated series coming to Netflix, which tweeted a teaser of…

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John Legend’s Valuable Words of Wisdom For the Class of 2021: “Love Should Be Your North Star”

John Legend is setting our 2021 graduates up for success. On May 2, the “Wild” singer addressed Duke University graduates during a powerful commencement address. This marks John’s first return to a massive audience since February 2020, and he prepared some valuable words of wisdom especially for the occasion. Everyone should take his advice to…

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Apex Legends Mobile Beta Announced for India and Philippines

Apex Legends Mobile has been an idea kicking around since the game launched. A mobile version of the title seemed like a natural fit, but it took a while for fans to hear anything definitive about it. That changed earlier this year, when we got news that the mobile version of the game was now…

Legends mobile

Apex Legends Mobile release date, the Way to playwith, and everything we know so far

Updated: April 21 2021 EA and Respawn Entertainment’s award-winning battle royale, Apex Legends, is going to be arriving on mobile devices at some point over the coming year – that much we’ve known for a while now. But, we’re learning more about Apex Legends Mobile every day, so we’ve created this resource for you to…

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Apex Legends is coming to mobile devices, beta testing begins this month

Something to look forward to: Apex Legends took the world by storm when it launched in 2019 to shake up the PC battle royale genre. It featured innovative new mechanics such as its unique “pinging” system, parkour-like movement, as well as the ability to revive squadmates mid-game — mechanics other battle royales have always lacked.…

Leaker Legends

Apex Legends leaker reveals details about an unannounced new character

Home News (Image credit: EA/Respawn) A trusted Apex Legends leaker and dataminer has revealed more details about a new character they believe is on the way to the Legends’ roster.According to Biast12, although we don’t yet know much about Pariah’s look or personality, they come with the tactical ability to throw a 15-second sonar grenade…

Legends Magic

Magic Legends Open Beta Review

Writing off Magic: Legends as “just another Diablo-style action RPG” is an easy knee-jerk reaction to its isometric hack-and-slash gameplay, but it’s not an accurate one. Despite Cryptic Studios’ action RPG-meets-deckbuilding hybrid including plenty of surface-level similarities to Blizzard’s genre-defining series, there are just as many differences—both good and bad—that help it stand out in…

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Apex Legends Developers Reveal Upcoming Changes to Revenant, Fuse, Caustic, Lifeline and More

New information from a developer points at a serious meta change coming to Apex Legends. The studio has carefully tracked the performance of each legend in Season 8 and found some inconsistencies. Units like Caustic, Wraith seemed to go down in win rate, while Lifeline continues to dominate the game. The studio has also realized…