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When is the Blood Moon lunar Eclipse?

Home News A Blood Moon total lunar eclipse will occur this weekend, and here’s when to watch it. The sun, moon and Earth will align Sunday night for a total lunar eclipse on May 15, which occurs when the Earth moves into place between the sun and the full moon. As a result, the Earth…

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What causes the moon to turn red during total lunar eclipses?

Home News Skywatching When a lunar eclipse occurs and our lone satellite inches into Earth’s shadow, the moon’s face becomes painted red. Though this red hue is most striking during a total lunar eclipse, the moon gets cast in a scarlet light even during partial lunar eclipses. So why does our moon turn red and not…

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Lunar eclipse 2022 guide: When, where & how to see them

Home References Skywatching During a total lunar eclipse, the moon appears to turn red while passing through Earth’s shadow. This year features two spectacular total lunar eclipses. (Image credit: Anantha Jois via Getty Images) The first total lunar eclipse of 2022 will occur on May 15-16 and be visible in total phase from portions of…

Flower lunar

Flower moon lunar eclipse rises this week. Here’s everything you need to know.

Home News (Image credit: ESA/CESAR; M. Pérez Ayúcar; M. Castillo; M. Breitfellner) You can watch a lunar eclipse turn the Flower Moon red on May 15 or 16, depending on your location, and it’s even broadcast online in case you can’t see it in person.This is going to be the first of only two lunar…

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A total lunar eclipse will turn the moon red the night of May 15

Home News Skywatching The total lunar eclipse on Sept. 27, 2015, as seen from Washington, D.C. (Image credit: NASA/Aubrey Gemignani) Hot on the heels of the year’s first solar eclipse — a partial eclipse on April 30 — a total lunar eclipse is on the horizon.Between the late evening of May 15 and the early morning of May…

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May’s lunar eclipse and a wild-card meteor shower may offer double spectacle

Home News Skywatching The moon sets after a partial lunar eclipse in November 2021. (Image credit: Gregory Rec/Portland Press Herald via Getty Images) May offers an unusual skywatching bounty: the possibility of two major celestial highlights occurring within the span of a single month.The first, a total lunar eclipse, is a certainty, but the second,…

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This NASA ‘lunar backpack’ will help Artemis astronauts explore the moon

Home News Tech Michael Zanetti, a NASA planetary scientist at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, testing the Kinematic Navigational and Cartography Knapsack (KNaCK) in late 2021. Zanetti was at the Cinder cone in Portillo volcanic field in New Mexico. (Image credit: NASA/Michael Zanetti) As future Artemis astronauts explore the moon, a new high-tech backpack will…

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Since 1972, this tube of lunar soil was sealed. NASA is about to open this tube of lunar soil.

Home News A photo of the ‘Apollo can opener’ that scientists will use to pierce a 50-year-old container of lunar soul this month. (Image credit: ANGSA science team) NASA scientists are about to find out whether lunar soil ages like fine wine.This month, researchers with the space agency are finally opening a container of lunar…

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My Lunar New Year Menu Brings a Taste of Taipei to My NYC Apartment

For as long as I can remember, the Lunar New Year has been the most important holiday of the year. Sure, you might say I’m biased because I’m from Taiwan. But it’s not just in my head: Billions of people across the world celebrate the Lunar New Year. And with hundreds of millions of them…

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NASA’s lunar rover VIPER is training in its sand pit

p dir=”ltr”>When you think of NASA sending rovers out into space, you likely think of the robot explorers on Mars like the Curiosity and Perseverance, both of which were sent to Mars. But while our favorite red planet explorers are out there rolling around at a great distance, the agency has plans to send rovers…