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The eddy covariance system (left center) installed in Dajiuhu subalpine peatland in Shennongjia, central China’s Hubei Province. Credit: Jiwen Ge’s team Wetland ecosystems are the most important and prolific natural methane (CH4) sources. CH4 is constantly flowing in and out of these regions (flux), and that flow periodically fluctuates. Methanogens (methane producers) and methanotrophs (methane…

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Methane reduction ‘an opportunity for beef industry to be part of climate change solution’, JBS conference hears

A report from a coalition of groups including NGO Mighty Earth and the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy stated JBS’s greenhouse gas emissions have risen by over 50% in five years.The report, based on what the authors called “UN-approved methodology”, claimed JBS had “increased its greenhouse gas emissions by a staggering 51%” in the…

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The Cows Produce Enough Methane for Satellites to Spot

Methane from cattle burping in a California feed lot has been detected on satellites in something scientists studying animal science at the University of California at Davis say sheds light on how agriculture may be contributing to climate change. What to know: Microbes in the stomachs of cattle break down the grassy fibers they eat…

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Massive methane leaks mapped from space

Home News A methane flare. (Image credit: Carl Young/EyeEm via Getty Images) Using satellite data, researchers have mapped massive plumes of methane released by human activities.Those satellite images revealed that plumes of methane emitted by oil and gas facilities during leaks or maintenance operations made up about 8% to 12% of all oil and gas…

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Gas Stoves Leak More Methane than Previously Thought

A new study is reporting a larger climate impact from gas stoves than previously thought, stoking a debate about one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions: buildings. Published by a team of four Stanford University Earth-system scientists today in the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Science & Technology, the study concluded that U.S. gas stoves could…

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Methane is much worse than CO2 – here’s what we should do about it

Methane is an underappreciated but potent greenhouse gas. How we deal with it will have a massive impact on averting the worst consequences of climate change Environment 1 December 2021 By Graham Lawton The biggest source of methane is agriculture, mainly from livestockJo-Anne McArthur on Unsplash After a year of weather extremes, there can no…

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Dems confident on methane fee as budget bill moves to Senate

WASHINGTON (AP) — A Democratic plan to impose a fee on methane emissions from oil and gas wells has cleared a key hurdle, but it faces strong opposition from the oil and gas industry and criticism by centrist Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va.The proposed fee on methane — a powerful pollutant that contributes to global warming…

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Methane Plume Seen by Satellite over Alabama Mystifies Experts

12:50 AM IST, 10 Nov 20211:52 AM IST, 10 Nov 202112:50 AM IST, 10 Nov 20211:52 AM IST, 10 Nov 2021(Bloomberg) — A large methane plume was spotted over northwestern Alabama near natural gas and coal sites three weeks ago — though regulators have been unable to identify what spewed out the harmful greenhouse gas.The…

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U.S. and E.U. Pledge to Cut Methane Emissions, But Obstacles Abound

President Biden and European Union leaders want the rest of the world to join them in a new campaign to slash methane emissions. If successful, the initiative could go a long way toward blunting the impact of the planet-warming gas and curbing the worst effects of climate change. But the U.S.- and E.U.-led effort faces…