mid-range processor

Acer exec says mid-range processor shortages are easing

If you are among the throng of Bit-Tech readers currently dissatisfied, or even disgruntled, by component availability for the PC DIY market, I’m pleased to report there are some pretty positive noises coming out of Acer. Admittedly Acer isn’t an AMD or Nvidia partner like Asus, Gigabyte or MSI – making PC components for PC…

mid-range Motorola's

Motorola’s new G100 and G50 mid-range smartphones feature 90Hz displays and 5,000mAh batteries

In a nutshell: Motorola has expanded its budget G series family with a new flagship model, the G100, and the slightly lower-spec G50. Both devices are hitting Latin American and European markets and fall at either side of the mid-range price spectrum. The G100 with its Snapdragon 870 5G chip and 8GB RAM comes in…