million Qatar

Qatar to Put $60 million into Fresh Israel-Gaza gas pipeline

Qatar to pour $60 million into new Israel-Gaza gas pipeline

million vaccine

Over 200 million vaccine doses administered globally

More than 200 million coronavirus vaccine doses have been administered in at least 107 countries and territories, according to an AFP count based on official sources Saturday.

million users

With over 1.3 million consumers, Nigerian-based fintech FairMoney wants to replicate expansion in India

There are over 1.7 billion underbanked people globally, the majority of which are from emerging markets. For them, accessing loans can be difficult, which is a problem fintechs try to solve. One way they do this is by promoting financial inclusion by underwriting credit via a proprietary algorithm. One such company is FairMoney, which describes…

Americans million

160 million Americans beneath winter alerts as generally warm regions see snow

More than 160 million Americans are under winter weather alerts Sunday as storms on both coasts span the country, affecting Texas, Oklahoma, the Midwest.

million Weeknd

The Weeknd Put $7 Million of His Own Money into His Super Bowl Halftime Performance

The NFL’s budget just didn’t cut it.

million raises raises $100 million more to advance its autonomous vehicle tech

Autonomous vehicle startup has raised $100 million more, bringing its total raised to over $1 billion at a $5.3 billion valuation.

approves million

NASA approves $93 million mission to study the Moon ahead of Artemis

NASA has awarded Firefly Aerospace, a company based in Cedar Park, Texas, a $93.3 million contract to carry out a mission to conduct experiments and test new technologies on the Moon. In 2023, the company’s Blue Ghost lander will touch down in Mare C…

cross million

Red Cross to help 500 million get Covid shots

The Red Cross launched a plan Thursday to help get 500 million people vaccinated against COVID-19, saying that leaving the world’s poorest exposed to the virus could backfire spectacularly.


Sony has already sold more than 4.5 million PS5s

Sony never seemed to have enough PlayStation 5 stock since it launched, but still managed to sell 4.5 million of the consoles in 2020 — matching PS4 sales during that console’s 2013 launch quarter. Combined with sales of 1.4 million PS4 units, Sony’s…

Google million

Google to pay $3.8 million into underpaid female engineers and overlooked job candidates

Pay discrimination? In Silicon Valley? We’re shocked. Google will be forced to cough up roughly $3.8 million to settle allegations of pay and hiring discrimination, the U.S. Department of Labor announced Monday. At issue were allegations that the company paid women engineers less than their male counterparts and had a hiring process that disadvantaged both…