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This is a guideline for spring cleaning

Some people like scrubbing floors, sweeping out a garage, or dusting a forgotten bookcase. But for many of us, spring cleaning is the most dreaded chore of the year. Determine what spring cleaning means to you If you’ve ever compared what you and somebody else think is a dirty bathroom, you know that everyone has…

minimum viable

Minimum Viable Declarative GUI for C++

Minimum viable declarative GUI in C++ Dev • Mar 22, 2022 • Jean-Michaël Celerier Here is the code of a minimal GUI toolkit for defining declarative UIs: // That’s it. That’s the toolkit.Well, this plus some extremely routine parts of “ISO/IEC JTC1 SC22 WG21 N 4860 – Programming Languages : C++”, such as… strings… variable…

minimum Tesla

Minimum Tesla FSD Financial Impacts in 2022

Tesla just reported that there are 60,000 FSD beta users. This means increasing the beta release by five times and all Tesla US FSD customers are served. The US has about 300,000 Tesla FSD customers. People who have paid for FSD ($4000 to $12000) but so far do not use it (other than beta customers…

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G20 deal raises the minimum tax rate for big tech companies

Large tech companies may soon have to pay significant taxes no matter what tax loopholes they had before. BBC News reports G20 leaders have reached an agreement that would set a global minimum tax rate of 15 percent for large companies. The long-in-the-making deal should be official as of today (October 31st) and would be…