Council Minneapolis

Minneapolis City Council Advances Plan to Wipe Out Police

Despite record-breaking crime spikes, the Minneapolis City Council is advancing a plan to give voters the authority to replace police.  This year, a new political committee called Yes 4 Minneapolis gathered signatures to put a question on the ballot whether to amend the city’s charter, Just the News reports.  The proposal asks voters if they…

Grieves Minneapolis

Minneapolis Grieves for George Floyd

Minneapolis, Minn.—Last week, the trial of Derek Chauvin began in the Hennepin County Government Center.1 Twenty-nine years after the officers who beat Rodney King were acquitted.2 Twenty-one years after the officers who killed Amadou Diallo were acquitted.3 Less than a decade since the officer who killed Michael Brown wasn’t indicted.4 Less than a year since…

Minneapolis use-of-force

Minneapolis use-of-force teacher: Officers not trained to utilize knee-on-neck restraints

A use-of-force instructor at the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) testified Tuesday that officers have never been trained to use the type of knee-on-neck restraint that Derek Chauvin employed against George Floyd.Driving the news: Johnny Mercil, a lieutenant who has worked in patrol and on the community response team, said that officers are trained to use…

Minneapolis police

Minneapolis police chief: Kneeling on George Floyd’s Throat Violated Coverage

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The Minneapolis police chief testified Monday that now-fired Officer Derek Chauvin violated departmental policy — and went against “our principles and the values that we have” — in pressing his knee on George Floyd’s neck and keeping him down after Floyd had stopped resisting and was in distress. Continuing to kneel on…

immigrant Minneapolis

Minneapolis immigrant business owners weigh solidarity, hardship

Minneapolis Nearly all the wreckage along Lake Street has been hauled away. The fire-swept buildings have been torn down or repaired. The police station is empty, its entryway sealed with stacked concrete blocks like a street corner pharaoh’s tomb.The street, the focus of so much violence when protests raged through Minneapolis after George Floyd was…