Computer months

This computer ran for six months on nothing but algae

A group of researchers powered a computer for more than six months using photosynthesis. The system used a small container of blue-green algae to generate power. It was placed on a windowsill for six months during the covid-19 lockdown in 2021. During that time, it provided continuous photosynthetic power to a computer running an Arm…

coming months

Sony claims it will offer VRR for PS5 in the “coming months”

Sony says that PlayStation players will be able to take advantage of VRR on PS5 in the “coming months”. The company announced that variable refresh rate (VRR) would make the jump to its newest console in a recent update post released in late March. VRR on PS5 is coming in the next few months Settings…

months putting

Months after putting up USA Today’s paywall, Gannett has big ambitions for digital subscriptions but a long road ahead

In Gannett’s latest earnings report last week, the company vocalized its bullish outlook for both digital subscriptions and overall digital revenue in 2022, after using 2021 as a launching pad for several new digital subscription products. However, its progress so far and short-term trajectory may serve a more bearish take.Gannett has set the goal of…

months Pounds

How I lost 30 pounds and got fit in 3 months

Christopher Brown, 56, shares how he lost 30 pounds and became a more confident and active person. I have consistently worked out throughout my adult life, albeit in a fragmented way that left me unsatisfied with the results. I always considered myself to be in decent shape, but I was never able to achieve the…

Kotaku months

Six Months At Kotaku: The Renata Price Review

Screenshot: Origame Digital / KotakuHello Kotaku,I’ve never been one for goodbyes, but here we are.In the six months since I started here, I have frequently espoused my love of “B” games, the ambitious, rough-hewn, and easily broken titles that stick in your mind for years. Such games make you wonder what shape they could’ve taken…

months Smart

New LG 4K Smart TVs get 6 free months of GeForce Now with their purchase

Why it matters: Nvidia’s GeForce Now app has shed its beta status on LG TVs, and the South Korean electronics maker is celebrating with a limited time promotion. From February 1 through March 20, anyone that buys an eligible LG 2021 4K Smart TV can claim a free six-month priority membership to Nvidia GeForce Now.…

deposits months

Zopa Bank reaches PS1bn deposits within just 18 months

Julien Eichinger – stock.adobe.c Bank has seen rapid growth since its launch and has set ambitious targets for the next 12 months By Karl Flinders, Emea Content Editor, Computer Weekly Published: 20 Jan 2022 10:25 Zopa Bank has received £1bn in customer deposits since its launch 18 months ago and has set its sights on…

months years

Kids aged 6-months to 2-years are ‘fed to fail’, warns UNICEF

Children’s health and nutrition is a popular research area. While a significant amount of attention to given to children in later years, UNICEF argues ‘very little’ is concentrated on early years: from six-months to two-years of age.“It’s at this time, that without the right nutrients, children can have an irreversible impact on their development,” ​according…

jailed months

Man Jailed Only 8 Months For Strangling Woman Over ‘Foot Fetish’

Cheong Jia Jin found her on a paid online dating-site, searched for her Instagram account, and decided to “hire” her for a date. The 24-year-old Singaporean student then took her to the city-state’s Changi Airport. There, he said he wanted to film a TikTok video with the 37-year-old woman in the stairwell of a carpark. They…

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Book it: 12 books in 12 months

Want to customize this content for your business? Learn MoreCategories General Editorial Follow us on social media today! “You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.” — Dr. Seuss Back before we were distracted by a million different things and a lifestyle that moves way too…