cancels Netflix

Netflix cancels Meghan Markle series ‘Pearl’ amid cutbacks

Netflix is expanding its push into mobile gaming.Sopa Images | Lightrocket | Getty ImagesNetflix has canceled development on “Pearl,” an animated series created by Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, marking the latest cost-saving moves after the company reported a disappointing first quarter.The cancellation is part of strategic decisions Netflix is making around animated series, the company…

cancels Netflix

Netflix cancels ‘Space Force’ after two seasons

Netflix has canceled , according to . The comedy series from Parks and Recreation co-creator Greg Daniels won’t get a third season. The cancelation comes only weeks after of Space Force premiered on February 18th. Very much inspired by the Trump administration’s decision to create a space force, the series starred as a four-star general.…

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Netflix Listens to Pete Davidson, Adds Short Ass Movies Category

On the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live, cast member Pete Davidson had a suggestion for Netflix: a category specifically for short movies. Netflix, it turns out, was listening and has done exactly that (via The Verge).Davidson offered up his idea in the form of a rap track featuring fellow cast member Chris Redd,…

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SNL’s hilarious “short-a** movies” rap

These days, Pete Davidson lamented during a hilarious Saturday Night Live musical sketch over the weekend, he can find almost anything when he’s looking for what to watch next from his favorite streaming services. With one glaring exception. And that would be, as the title of the rap he performed with Gunna makes clear, a…

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Netflix and Judd Apatow’s star-studded comedy The Bubble was just released

When director Judd Apatow pitched his idea to Netflix for what would become his new movie The Bubble — which hit the streamer on Friday — he originally couched it as a kind of Christopher Guest mockumentary meets Tropic Thunder. As Netflix’s official summary explains about the finished product, the star-packed comedy Apatow ended up…

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Netflix just launched an interactive trivia game show that you can play

Netflix has released a number of interactive shows over the years, but few have made much of an impact. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch generated some interest, but mostly because it was Netflix’s first attempt at interactive content. Now, Netflix is trying again with Trivia Quest — an interactive game show based on the popular mobile game…

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This heartwarming new Netflix original movie has a perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes

The inclusion of man’s best friend in a motion picture isn’t by itself a guarantee of success or ratings supremacy. But as the case of Netflix’s original drama Rescued by Ruby shows, a heartwarming story built around a furry, adorable good boy is oftentimes more than enough to get people to watch. In fact, as…

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The Netflix password sharing crackdown could have a big impact in the US, data shows

There’s apparently a significant amount of Netflix password sharing that’s happening in the streaming giant’s home market. That’s according to new data out from Leichtman Research Group, which found that around one-third of Netflix subscribers in the US share their login credentials with someone else. Some important numbers are needed, though, to put that 30…

Netflix Riveting

The riveting Netflix series has stunned viewers

Some of the biggest Netflix titles lately have tended toward the documentary side of the content spectrum. For every movie like The Adam Project or fantastic series like Vikings: Valhalla or Inventing Anna that you can point to? There are big or nearly-as-big documentary titles like The Tinder Swindler or Bad Vegan that have rocketed…

Netflix Thriller

This Netflix thriller will keep you on the edge.

The Weekend Away — a new Netflix original movie based on a novel of the same, by Sarah Alderson — has been one of the Top 10 movies globally on Netflix every week in the three weeks since its release. As we’ve previously noted, viewers have trashed the movie pretty unequivocally on Rotten Tomatoes. Nevertheless,…