Ryzen 5 5600X goes back normal, available for $290 on Amazon

Reviewers Liked Beats 8-core 3800XT in both compute and gaming Huge IPC gains Gaming performance improved by over 15% Very…

1 week ago

Normal brain growth curves for children will aid in diagnoses

In the United States, nearly every pediatric doctor's visit begins with three measurements: weight, height and head circumference. Compared to…

2 weeks ago

Adapting to the new normal

Thank you for your interest in spreading the word about Science.NOTE: We only request your email address so that the…

1 month ago

Back to normal? NBA plans to start ’21-22 season in October

MIAMI (AP) — The NBA told its teams Thursday that it intends to return to a normal schedule next season,…

2 months ago

Florida is 101 percent back to normal. Watch where your country stands in the financial recovery

Florida is 101% back to normal. See where your state stands in the economic recovery

2 months ago

Misidentifying Normal Video and Blaming UFOs

Thunderfoot has more analysis of the mistakes made by some in the US military, US government in analyzing videos. –…

2 months ago

America’s new normal: A degree hotter than two decades ago

America’s new normal temperature is a degree hotter than it was just two decades ago.Scientists have long talked about climate…

3 months ago

In Defense of Normal

Politics is about establishing normal, to produce normal citizens and happy human beings. Everyone wants to be special, but they…

3 months ago

‘New Normal, New Connections’: Catfish Returning With Brand-New Episodes

MTV Shows Nev and Kamie will 'reel them in' beginning May 4 Life has changed, but Catfish still remain. And…

4 months ago

What Normal Life Looks Like for Prince and Paris Jackson

YouTubeAs unusual as it might have looked from the outside, Paris Jackson's childhood—and the values that came with it—felt normal to…

4 months ago