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1Password 8 for Mac out of beta -requested feature

Home News Software (Image credit: Getty Images) After nine months in beta, 1Password 8 has officially released for Mac with yet another redesign and more features on top of the already stuffed pre-release package.As noted by co-founder Dave Teare, productivity was the major driving factor behind the changes. The big new feature is Universal Autofill,…

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1Password 8 arrives for Mac with a redesign and new features

News @andrew_andrew__ May 3, 2022, 9:02 am EDT | 1 min read The updated 1Password 8 Watchtower. 1PasswordIt’s been nine months since 1Password 8 entered an “early access” beta, but the software has finally arrived for average users. And man, this update was long overdue. The 1Password 8 redesign looks fantastic, and its new features…

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The Netflix password sharing crackdown could have a big impact in the US, data shows

There’s apparently a significant amount of Netflix password sharing that’s happening in the streaming giant’s home market. That’s according to new data out from Leichtman Research Group, which found that around one-third of Netflix subscribers in the US share their login credentials with someone else. Some important numbers are needed, though, to put that 30…


It’s a big bet that the password will die

Switching and adding devices — FIDO Alliance says it’s found the missing piece on the path to a password-free future. Lily Hay Newman, – Mar 20, 2022 10:37 am UTC Elena LaceyAfter years of tantalizing hints that a passwordless future is just around the corner, you’re probably still not feeling any closer to that…

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1Password Developer Tools want to make it easier to set password guidance

Home News Software (Image credit: Shutterstock) The business password management company 1Password has launched a new set of features called Developer Tools in order to help developers better secure and share their secrets.With Developer Tools, developers can securely generate, manage and access secrets within their development workflows beginning with Git. 1Password’s new offering also helps…

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1Password ups maximum bug bounty to a cool $1,000,000

Home News Computing (Image credit: 1Password) 1Password has announced that it has increased its top bug bounty reward for finding potential security flaws in its password manager to $1 million.Not only is the highest bounty in the history of Bugcrowd, but it’s also one of the largest rewards in the industry.1Password CEO Jeff Shiner noted…

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Best free password managers: Better online security doesn’t have to cost a thing

You need a password manager. Data breaches now happen regularly, and that flood of stolen info has made cracking passwords even easier. Not just the “password12345” variety is at risk—it’s also any that use strategies like variations on a single password or substituting numbers for letters. Even if you’re using unique, random passwords, storing them…

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1Password allows you to store your crypto wallet details

A 1Password update brings a specific item type dedicated to crypto and digital assets to the password manager’s interface. This could make it easier to store details attached to your cryptocurrency wallet, although it’s usually best to store your wallet’s information offline. 1Password now has dedicated fields for information related to crypto wallets.Image: 1Password The…

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Password rotation can be a key to your security

Join today’s leading executives online at the Data Summit on March 9th. Register here. This article was contributed by Roy Dagan, CEO of SecuriThings. Password rotation is a fundamental first line of defense for IoT devices, including those that uphold physical, from security cameras to access control systems, alarm systems, and more. But many IoT devices…

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10 ways to make the most of your password manager

Already using a password manager? Smart move—you’ve increased your security by not relying on written reminders, spreadsheets, or other insecure forms of tracking passwords. Don’t stop there, though. To fully benefit from the magic of a password manager, you should be using as many of its features as possible. When you do, strong, random passwords…