Hispanic People

Hispanic People at Risk for Heart Disease Going Untreated

Even after suffering a stroke, many Hispanic Americans still have uncontrolled diabetes, high blood pressure or other conditions that raise their risk of a repeat one, a new study finds.

Davis People

How Kurt Davis quit the tech life to assist individuals in Africa for a year

Kurt Davis spent a lot of time in Silicon Valley and Asia, and for a long time he ran the tech rat race. He was on the road to burnout.

People plants

The Best Plants for People Who Always Complain About Their Plants Dying

These groovy plants are laid-back but will let you know what they need, for a friend with a black thumb or just for you.

hearing People

One in four people will have hearing difficulties by 2050: WHO

One in four of the world’s population will suffer from hearing problems by 2050, the World Health Organization warned Tuesday, calling for extra investment in prevention and treatment.

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How many people were still paying for AOL dial-up Internet in 2015?

How many people were still paying for AOL dial-up Internet in 2015?

People position

12 mini is on 10th Place and people call it a Collapse

12 mini is on 10th position and yet people call it a failure

People warned

The UK’s NHS Warned People Not to Follow Gwyneth Paltrow’s COVID Advice

“All influencers who use social media have a duty of responsibility”

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People Can Fly shows off Outriders co-op campaign demo

Square Enix and People Can Fly have released a demo of the gameplay for the Outriders sci-fi shooter game.

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People are stocking up on these 5 things at Amazon since grocery store hoarding made them difficult to find

Another wave of grocery hoarding recently made many essentials hard to find yet again. Grocery stores in some areas across the US have put strict purchase limits in place as a result, and some essentials are even sold out. Amazon still has plenty of best-selling Powecom KN95 face masks, Purell hand sanitizer, Lysol wipes, and…

COVID- People

30% of people with COVID-19 experience symptoms up to 9 months later

Most participants in the study initially had mild cases of COVID-19.