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The PlayStation 5 DualSense’s best feature isn’t the haptics or triggers

One of the biggest elements of the PlayStation 5 that owners continue to hype up as it gets into more people’s hands is the DualSense controller. This new gamepad is wowing players with its haptic rumble and adaptive triggers. But while those features are exciting, they weren’t what impressed me the most. The technology that…

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Xbox Series X/S vs. PlayStation 5: Our launch-month verdict

video gaaaaames — Which new console is worth your hundreds? Our direct comparison offers an answer. Kyle Orland and Sam Machkovech – Nov 22, 2020 2:00 pm UTC Enlarge / L-R: Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S.Sam MachkovechThough this year’s newest consoles have only been on store shelves for less than two weeks,…

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PlayStation 5 to Get its Own Game Pass to Compete With the Xbox Game Pass?

The Xbox Game Pass is perhaps one of the finest gaming subscriptions out there right now. PlayStation 5 came out with a range of exquisite exclusives at launch, and more are on their way. However, for months users have been asking Sony about its plans on competing with Xbox’s Game Pass. While we know little,…

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PlayStation is the Energizer Bunny of the game industry TV ads

From Oct. 16 through Nov. 15, gaming brands generated 1.49 billion TV ad impressions, a slight decline from the previous 30-day period’s 1.54 billion. PlayStation led the pack and increased its share from 42.2% to 47%. Once again, sports were key drivers of impressions for all of the top brands except Nintendo. Looking at the…

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What we think of the PlayStation 5 a week later | GB Decides 173

Jeff Grubb@jeffgrubb November 20, 2020 6:56 PMGames A lot happened in video games this week. Capcom got hacked. Jim Ryan isn’t aware of any complaints about storage. Nintendo’s lawyers were very active. But all the crew on the GamesBeat Decides podcast wants to talk about this week is Astro’s Playroom and their speedrunning feud. GamesBeat…

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Xbox Series X vs. PlayStation 5: Which is better for streaming?

If you’re looking for your console to be an all-in-one entertainment system, though, it’s a much different story. While both offer the major streaming services, Microsoft’s console has a much more comprehensive selection of options that continue to fulfill its long-standing mission to be the streaming hub of the living room. That really shouldn’t come…

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Valve adds PlayStation 5 DualSense controller support to Steam

With the Sony PlayStation 5 already sitting proudly next to early adopter console gamers’ TVs (Europe has to wait to Thursday, 19th Nov), it is only natural for PC gamers to wonder if those new fangled PS5 DualSense controllers will be worth purchasing to play PC games. Well, rest assured, Valve has already started to…

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Xbox and PlayStation: How Sony and Microsoft changed the way we play video games

CLOSEAutoplayShow ThumbnailsShow CaptionsLast SlideNext SlideWith new video game consoles out this week, Microsoft and Sony are decades-long incumbents in the industry. But that wasn’t always the case.More than 25 years ago, Sony unleashed its first PlayStation onto the scene, barging into a marketplace dominated by Nintendo and, to a lesser extent, Sega. And seven years…

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How to buy a PlayStation 5 on November 12th

We’ll have a very limited number of PS5 console bundles for purchase at this evening.— GameStop (@GameStop) November 11, 2020 Similar to the Xbox Series X / S launch on Tuesday, GameStop has promised “limited” quantities of bundles this evening, but did not specify when they would be available. (Likely around midnight ET.)Buy…

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What It’s Like to Experience PlayStation 5 Games on a PlayStation 4

Screen shot courtesy of SonyThere’s a PlayStation 5 in my house now, and so I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with the PlayStation 4 that’s been sitting on the floor of my office. Fortunately, Sony gave me an interesting answer earlier this week when they quietly added the ability to stream PS5…