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Mass.’s gas prices continue to rise, causing pump pain. Another 21 cents

Local “The high cost of crude oil, the key ingredient in gasoline, continues to push up pump prices dramatically for consumers.” Gas prices hit a record high in Massachusetts, a sign inflation will be around for a while. David Paul Morris Gas prices continue to reach record high numbers with regular gas in Massachusetts averaging…

Lightning prices

Ford F-150 Lightning Prices Exceed $145K As Dealers Break Rules

News @xguntherc May 14, 2022, 3:00 pm EDT | 1 min read FordNow that the all-new Ford F-150 Lightning electric truck has officially launched and is on the way to buyers, we’re starting to see ridiculous price gouging and dealer markups. In fact, one dealership in California is asking over $145,000 for the Lightning EV.…

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Gas prices have just broken another record with no end in sight

If you’ve filled up your car, oh, anytime in the last few weeks, this won’t come as news to you. The long shadow that inflation is casting over the economy at the moment, it continues to see prices keep climbing for all sorts of goods and services. Including gasoline, the price of which set a…

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Four Tips to Save Fuel When Gas Prices Rise

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Why are gas prices so high? What’s the deal with these rebate checks?

For the last two months, Eric Simpson has been facing a dilemma: go surfing, or save gas for his commute?Simpson, 26, works as a union ironworker — a rodbuster, to be precise. Recently he’s been commuting six days a week from his home in Fullerton to his job site in Universal City, where he lays…

Amazon prices

If Amazon prices start going up, this is the reason why

Amazon announced this week that third-party sellers will now pay “a 5% fuel and inflation surcharge” to use the company’s FBA fulfillment services. That new surcharge will apply to “all product types,” Amazon said in a notice to sellers seen by CNBC. It will go into effect for all units shipped from Amazon fulfillment centers…

Dropping prices

Asus is dropping prices on graphics cards, starting April 1st

Brad Chacos/IDG Could we be finally seeing some relief in graphics card prices? With an official Asus price cut en route, perhaps so. Asus said Monday in an emailed statement that it was planning to cut the official price of its RTX 30-series cards beginning in April. The manufacturer didn’t cite any change in demand…

Nvidia prices

Nvidia RTX 3080 prices keep falling

Nvidia RTX 3080 prices keep dropping. Just a couple of weeks ago, the price of an Nvidia RTX 3080 dropped by 35 percent overnight. It was a momentous occasion for PC gamers looking to get their hands on one of the latest graphics cards. Now, though, it looks like those prices are set to continue…

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Starlink prices are rising across the board

In brief: SpaceX is increasing the cost of its Starlink satellite-based Internet service across the board. The company outlined the changes in a recent e-mail to existing customers, noting that the move was necessary in order to keep pace with rising inflation. Moving forward, the upfront cost to purchase a starter kit will increase by…

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LG announces US prices and release dates for 2022 OLED TV line-up

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