‘No Progressives

Are progressives the bloc of ‘no’? They say no.

How do you say “no” constructively? The increasingly influential Congressional Progressive Caucus faced that question this week as tensions among Democrats mounted over two bills central to President Joe Biden’s agenda: a bipartisan infrastructure bill and a $3.5 trillion budget to fund sweeping social reforms.The standoff underscores both the opportunity and challenge that progressives face. They…

House Progressives

House Progressives Say They’re ‘Holding the Line’ to Preserve Democratic Agenda

After House Speaker Nancy Pelosi suggested that she may push through the bipartisan infrastructure bill ahead of the Democrats’ larger social spending package, some House progressives say they are sticking with their original position: they won’t support the first bill unless they also get a vote on the second. The infrastructure bill is a bipartisan…

Convinced Progressives

Can Progressives Be Convinced That Genetics Matters?

Until she was thirty-three, Kathryn Paige Harden, a professor of psychology at the University of Texas at Austin, had enjoyed a vocational ascent so steady that it seemed guided by the hand of predestination. When she first went on the job market, at twenty-six, her graduate-school mentor, Eric Turkheimer, a professor at the University of…

distance Progressives

Progressives distance from Bernie Sanders

Some progressives are distancing themselves from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) — leader of their revolution.The big picture: Three factors are fueling the shift. Some feel he’s not pushing President Biden far enough to the left anymore. Some believe his time as the movement leader has simply passed. Some fear tying their brand to Sanders is…

Demands Progressives

Progressives make demands before signing on to bipartisan infrastructure deal

As the White House moves closer to endorsing the G20’s bipartisan infrastructure deal, progressive Democrats are making clear they won’t get on board without a guarantee.Why it matters: Left-leaning Democrats want a commitment the Senate will also act on a reconciliation bill — and some are insisting they vote on one first. They fear getting…