50 countries vow to protect 30% of land and sea from 2030

PARIS (AP) — At least 50 countries committed to protecting 30% of the planet, including land and sea, over the…

2 days ago

Face Masks Protect Wearers, Others From COVID: Studies

Two new literature reviews suggest face masks provide some protection to the wearer and when universally worn by the general…

2 weeks ago

Protect Your Camera with the Best Camera Backpack or Sling Bag

Whether you're looking for a backpack, shoulder bags, or slings, there's a camera bag for you.

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Protect the Old — About 10 Percent of Vaccination Effort Can Prevent 90 Percent of the Deaths

Protect the Old – About 10% of Vaccination Effort Can Prevent 90% of the Deaths Brian Wang | December 21,…

4 weeks ago

How gene editing Can protect us from Potential pandemics

Hollywood’s blockbusters such as X-men, Gattaca, and Jurassic World have explored the intriguing concept of “germline genome editing” – a…

1 month ago

How to Protect Older People From the Coronavirus

China to date, nearly 15 percent of patients over 80 have died. For those under 50, the death rate was…

10 months ago