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The Best Movies on HBO Max Provide a Masterclass at Cinema History

From Citizen Kane to Pulp Fiction, Mad Max, and Purple Rain—this might be the most wide-ranging list of films you can find on a streaming service.

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Rangers provide tantalizing glimpse of what they could be

These are the Rangers when they skate. These are the Rangers when they compete. These are the Rangers when their marquee players set the pace. These are the Rangers who dominated the Islanders, 5-0, at the Garden on Saturday night in a match that brought everyone off the ledge after an unduly stressful 48 hours…

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FBI & police Offer investigation update on Christmas Day bombing in downtown Nashville

Yesterday morning an RV containing explosives was detonated in downtown Nashville outside an AT&T switching facility. The Memphis FBI soon announced their request for help from the public:Seeking Information Concerning Operator or Owner of RV Linked to Explosion: The FBI, ATF, and MNPD are seeking information concerning the operator or owner of an RV that…

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Instacart to provide shoppers with face masks, hand sanitizers and thermometers

Instacart will start providing health and safety kits to its full-service shoppers. These kits will include a face mask, hand sanitizer and a thermometer, the company announced today. The kits will be available for free to shoppers starting next week. Shoppers, according to Instacart, will be able to request a kit by registering with their…