Psoriasis react

Dogs React to Psoriasis, Other Conditions

Whenever Russell Hartstein’s psoriasis flares up, count on his 6-year-old German shepherd, Koa, to try to lick the dry patches on his elbows.“He always seems attuned and curious about people, is very affectionate and observant,” says Hartstein, who is tuned into such things himself as a certified dog trainer.Harstein has had psoriasis since childhood. Koa isn’t…

People Psoriasis

What People With Psoriasis Can Learn From the Pandemic

For over a year we’ve all been facing an extremely stressful situation. Many conditions are exacerbated by stress, and psoriasis is no exception. In fact, it’s likely that many people were diagnosed with psoriasis for the first time during the pandemic. To make things worse, dealing with psoriasis can in turn increase stress, especially when…

managing Psoriasis

Managing Your Hair With Psoriasis

Julie Greenwood, who lives in Cary, NC, has had psoriasis for 30 years. Managing it on her scalp has been extra challenging, especially because of people’s reactions. “They seem to think it’s OK to brush the flakes off my shoulders or comment on all the white things in my hair,” she says.Psoriasis may affect your…

Growing Psoriasis

Growing Your Own Aloe Vera for Psoriasis

Aloe vera plants are useful plants that have a topical gel inside their leaves. This gel can be used to treat scrapes and mild burns, and to provide relief for other skin conditions, including psoriasis. These plants are easy to grow. They can be grown indoors or out, and require little water and care. That makes…

Kardashian’s Psoriasis

Kim Kardashian’s Psoriasis: What She’s Said About It

Reality TV star and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian leads a glamorous life, and for many years her makeup and designer clothing hid the fact that she has psoriasis. In recent years, however, she’s decided to open up about her struggle with this autoimmune disease and even ask followers for advice about how to manage it. Kardashian…

menopause Psoriasis

Menopause and Psoriasis

The word “psoriasis” comes from the Greek word “psōra,” which means “itch.” Although most known for the scaly patches it leaves on the skin and nails, psoriasis can also include joint pain and swelling. It can be made worse by infection, stress, or cold. Coping with both psoriasis and menopause can be even more challenging.…

Psoriasis Swimming

Swimming and Psoriasis: What You Should Know

Summer is the perfect time for days at the beach or lounging poolside. But if you’re feeling self-conscious about wearing a swimsuit because of your psoriasis plaques, these activities may be anything but relaxing.   “Exposing your rough, red skin patches can be terrifying and phenomenally limiting in what you do outside,” says Richard Fried,…

Mediterranean Psoriasis

Mediterranean Diet for Psoriasis: What You Can Eat

While there’s no proof that any diet can take the place of prescription treatments for psoriasis, research has found that people with this condition who follow the Mediterranean diet are less likely to have serious disease. The Mediterranean diet emphasizes healthy, whole foods over highly processed ones. It’s inspired by the traditional foods and cooking…

Psoriasis Remission

How I Got to Psoriasis Remission

Psoriasis affects your body, mind, and spirit. There’s no cure, but healing and even remission is possible. The road to remission can be rocky with lots of stops and starts along the way. It’s a journey. And like any other, there’s more than one route to get there.Here’s how three women have made peace with…

manage Psoriasis

How I Manage My Psoriasis Scarring

People with psoriasis sometimes have flare-ups that cause raised, itchy, and red patches on their face, body, arms, or legs. This can happen even when they follow their doctors’ advice to manage the condition. Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease. It causes skin cells to grow more quickly, which may cause thick or scaly patches, or plaques,…