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Researchers say putting masks on instruments reduces COVID risk

Putting a mask on certain instruments can effectively reduce the spread of COVID-19 similar to wearing a face mask, according to a new study from the University of Colorado at Boulder. The researchers focused on three different possible ways to mitigate COVID-19 spread when playing brass, woodwind, and reed instruments, including putting masks on them.…

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Costco Is Putting Purchasing Limits On These Items Right Now

Costco is the place to go when you need large quantities of your favorite snacks and household items. While typically everything is fair game because of current sales and supply and demand, a select few items are being limited so everyone has a fair chance of getting their hands on what they need.If you’re a…

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‘Putting It Together’ Takes Theater Lovers Behind the Scenes at Creation of ‘Sunday in the Park With George’

Products featured are independently selected by our editorial team and we may earn a commission from purchases made from our links; the retailer may also receive certain auditable data for accounting purposes. The acclaimed Broadway musical, Sunday in the Park With George, famously lost the Best Musical Tony Award to La Cage Aux Folles in…

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‘We’re putting the power back in our employees’ hands’: Why a marketing tech company is giving employees a paid week off

As employee burnout reaches a pandemic-induced fever pitch, more companies are desperately looking for ways to keep staff productive and happy. To stop the bleeding and promote employee wellness, a number of agencies have started experimenting with company perks like Summer Fridays, fitness programs, and getting creative with remote work by partnering with local coffee and…

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Putting the PS5’s 10 million sales in context

Gaming by the numbers — In consoles’ “race to 10 million,” PS5’s 248 days is second only to the Wii. Kyle Orland – Jul 29, 2021 8:10 pm UTC Fig. 1: The PS5 is among the quickest consoles ever to reach 10 million worldwide sales. Fig. 2: Consoles have generally hit 10 million sales more…

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Windows 11 is putting Microsoft Teams front and centre

Home News Software (Image credit: Microsoft) The latest tease of Windows 11 has suggested that Microsoft Teams will play an even more prominent role than expected in the new software platform.The new build is set to integrate the Microsoft Teams chat feature directly into the taskbar in Windows 11, allowing users to start chats or…

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Wildfires In The West Are Putting Parched Tribal Lands In Growing Danger

The Bootleg Fire smoke plume grows over a single tree on Monday, July, 12, 2021 near Bly, Ore. An army of firefighters is working in hot, dry and windy weather to contain fires chewing through wilderness and burning homes across drought-stricken Western states. Nathan Howard/AP hide caption toggle caption Nathan Howard/AP The Bootleg Fire smoke…

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Putting an end to billions in fishing subsidies could improve fish stocks and ocean health

Industrial fishing trawlers stocking up on unsustainable quantities of fish. Credit: Shutterstock Global fish catches are fluctuating near the highest levels ever reported, while the fraction of fish stocks that are sustainable has never been lower. Nevertheless, governments spent US$22 billion of public money on harmful fisheries subsidies in 2018. These harmful subsidies fund the…

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Putting makeup on spiders does not change their chances of being eaten by a predator

Male Habronattus pyrrithrix (a) and female Habronattus pyrrithrix (b). Note the conspicuous dorsal stripe pattern of the male and the cryptic dorsal coloration of the female. Credit: Royal Society Open Science (2021). DOI: 10.1098/rsos.210308 A team of researchers from the University of Florida and Arizona State University has found that removing black stripes on male…

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The Nets are putting the Bucks in an uncomfortable spot

Milwaukee failed to capitalize on James Harden’s absence as Steve Nash continues to hone the Nets’ attack.