German radio

German radio host under fire for predicting K-pop’s BTS’crappy virus’

A German radio host is being accused of racism after suggesting the chart-topping musicians be exiled to North Korea.

Country radio

Country Radio Seminar Study Sees DSPs Encroaching on Beloved FM Format During Quarantine

A research study released during this week’s virtual Country Radio Seminar zeroed in on how DSPs have encroached on — and in some ways pulled ahead of — traditional radio during the pandemic, while stopping short of pushing the panic button for terrestrial FM radio. “Pandemic times have been good for DSPs,” read the header…

radio website

This radio website is my favorite discovery so far during our lockdown Age

For anyone who likes to listen to music online and enjoys services like Spotify, there’s a free Internet site called Radio Garden that’s also worth checking out. Radio Garden is basically like Google Earth, except for radio stations. Anywhere there’s a green dot on the world map, you can start playing a local radio station…

Knockout radio

Knockout Radio Including Din Thomas and Bare Knuckle Boxer Britain Hart

Knockout Radio Hour One: Din Thomas KnockoutRadio · 1-27-21 with Randy Harris & Matt McClellan featuring @DinThomas Knockout Radio Hour Two: Bare Knuckle Boxer Britain Hart KnockoutRadio · 1-27-21 Randy Harris & Matt McClellan and @teambritainhart sponsored by @apemanstrong & @staff_zone Check out Knockout Radio’s podcast featuring UFC veteran and MMA coach Din Thomas, alongside Bare Knuckle…

Board radio

The Board of Radio Free Europe Intends to Fight

Just a few days ago… in the BB era (Before Biden)… I and four others —talk show stalwart Blanquita Collum, filmmaker Amanda Milius, the Liberty Counsel’s Jonathan Alexander, and the Center for the National Interest’s Christian Whiton— were named to the new Board of Directors of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Radio Free Asia and the…

Now-dead radio

Now-dead radio telescope finds bizarre venomous-spider star

Data from the now-destroyed Arecibo radio telescope has revealed a bizarre new type of hybrid venomous spider star.

Afghan radio

Afghan radio journalist shot dead in car ambush

Aimaq, editor-in-chief of Voice of Ghor radio, is the fifth media worker to be killed in Afghanistan in two months.An Afghan radio journalist has been shot dead in a car ambush in the central province of Ghor, making him the fifth media worker to be killed in two months in Afghanistan. Besmullah Adel Aimaq, editor-in-chief…

radio receivers

Why radio receivers won’t tune 800-900 MHz

2020-11-28 the verboten band To start: yes, long time no see. Well, COVID-19 has been like that. Some days I feel accomplished if I successfully check my email. I finally managed to clear out a backlog of an entire handfull of things that needed thoughtful responses, though, and so here I am, screaming into the…