customer Reinventing

Reinventing the Customer Experience, One Process at a Time

As a result of the global pandemic, many organizations were forced — almost overnight — to become more responsive to amplified customer needs and customer experience than previously thought possible. In the current environment, ‘good’ customer service is no longer ‘good enough,’ as increased competition, ease of purchase via digital/e-commerce and physical retail options, and…

DeepMind Reinventing

How DeepMind Is Reinventing the Robot

Artificial intelligence has reached deep into our lives, though you might be hard pressed to point to obvious examples of it. Among countless other behind-the-scenes chores, neural networks power our virtual assistants, make online shopping recommendations, recognize people in our snapshots, scrutinize our banking transactions for evidence of fraud, transcribe our voice messages, and weed…

'Curbside Reinventing

Reinventing the ‘Curbside Consult’

I’ve started to wonder recently if the e-consult will replace the curbside consult, and think in fact that this might actually be a really good thing. For years, we’ve been buttonholing our colleagues and asking them for an opinion about a patient we are taking care of, without them formally getting involved. This has always…