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“It could replace cheap chicken, grass-fed beef, or even prove insignificant…we don’t yet know”: Project to determine if lab-grown meat can be a friend or foe for farmers

Cell-based meat is loudly billed as a solution to industrial livestock’s environmental and ethical footprint. It has gained interest from investors thanks to its potential to boast the same taste and texture as conventional meat and thus appeal to committed carnivores.Also called cultured or cultivated meat, it’s assumed to pose a threat to farmers. But…

Keyboard replace

How to Replace Your Old Keyboard

StepanPopov/Shutterstock.comIs your keyboard comfortable to use all day long? Is typing feel effortless and your time on the computer enjoyable? Here’s when you might want to consider replacing your old keyboard. Heavy Keys If you do a lot of typing in a day, especially if it’s for work, having light keys to type on is…

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How to Replace an Old Mouse

Billion Photos/Shutterstock.comUsing an old mouse that’s constantly freezing or jumping all over the place? Is the sensor or one of the buttons broken? Let’s talk about when you might want to consider replacing your mouse. Basic Troubleshooting Before determining that your mouse is broken and in need of replacement, there are a few things you…

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James Corden Should Be Replaced on The Late Late Show by Whom?

After eight and a half years, James Corden will finally be getting out of the Carpool Karaoke game. On Thursday, The Late Late Show host announced that he will host the late-night series for just one more year, stepping away for good before summer 2023. “It’s been it’s a really hard decision to leave because I’m…

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Chatbots could one day replace search engines. Here’s why that’s a terrible idea.

At last year’s Google I/O, its annual showcase of new widgets and work-in-progress tech, CEO Sundar Pichai revealed his company’s “latest breakthrough in natural-language understanding”: a chatbot called LaMDA, designed to converse on any topic.   He then gave a demo in which LaMDA answered questions about Pluto in natural language. The exchange showed off a…

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When You Really Need to Replace Your Running Shoes, According to Reddit

Photo: FOTOKITA (Shutterstock)You’ve probably heard the advice that running shoes are only good for about 300 to 500 miles, and after that, the cushioning is so broken down that they’re an injury waiting to happen. But that’s not always true, and there are more ways to figure out when to throw out your shoes than…

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How to Replace That One Single Goddamn Cracked Tile

Photo: Serhii Ivashchuk (Shutterstock)Tile is a wonderful and versatile floor and wall covering. Water-resistant, cool to the touch, relatively easy to clean and maintain, and, if properly installed, long-lasting. That doesn’t mean it can’t be damaged, though, and there is nothing—nothing!—more infuriating than a single cracked tile in a field of perfect tile work. The…

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Q&A: Can machines replace humans?

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Economists have long studied the question of whether machines might one day replace human workers, but the advent of new technologies makes it particularly important as we consider the future of work in the 21st century. New research by Wake Forest economics professor Mark Curtis and co-researchers from the University of…

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Jerez could replace the axed Russian GP

Jerez has emerged as a leading candidate to replace the axed Russian GP in September. According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the Spanish circuit has been in touch with the FIA over the matter and is now waiting for an answer. “This is great news,” said Juan Marin…

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How each NFC-based team can replace Los Angeles Rams at Super Bowl LVII

How each NFC team can replace the Los Angeles Rams at Super Bowl LVII How the Rams were built: Looking at all the pedal-to-the-metal deals L.A. has made  Yahoo Sports Will the LA Rams get their Hollywood ending? A Super Bo…