Clear Safari

How to View and Clear Safari Download History on a Mac

While using the Safari browser on Mac, it’s easy to see a list of files you’ve downloaded in the past and to clear that download history if necessary. Here’s how to do it. First, open the Safari application on your Mac. In any Safari window, look to the right of the address bar for an…

place Safari

Safari could soon be losing its position as the second-most-used web browser on the desktop

The big picture: The global desktop web browser battle has long been a one-horse race dominated by Google’s Chrome. According to the latest data from StatCounter, Chrome controlled 65.38 percent of the desktop browser market share as of January 2022. The battle for second place, however, is heating up as the gap between Apple’s Safari…

Critical Safari

Fix for critical Safari bug out now: iPhone, iPad and Mac users should update immediately

Home News Software (Image credit: Apple) Apple has rolled out new versions of its iOS, iPadOS and macOS operating systems, patching up a major security flaw in Safari across all of its devices.This bug leaked users’ Google data and browsing history that’s stored within the browser, so if you’re an Apple user, we recommend you…

Safari threatens

Safari bug threatens identity theft for all Mac, iPhone, iPad owners

For years, Apple has been heralding privacy as the central theme for its products. Safari, Apple default web browser, comes with a range of privacy features to prevent websites from capturing data related to users’ browsing habits and creating personas that can be used serve them ads on other websites and platforms including — but…

exploit Safari

Safari exploit can leak browser histories, Google account information

Apple device users appear to be vulnerable to a significant browser privacy flaw. According to 9to5Mac, FingerprintJS has disclosed an exploit that lets attackers obtain your recent browser history, and even some Google account info, from Safari 15 across all supported platforms as well as third-party browsers on iOS 15 and iPadOS 15. The IndexedDB…

MacBook Safari

MacBook Pro 2021 Safari scrolling woes reportedly fixed in macOS 12.2

Home News Computing (Image credit: Future) Owners of new MacBook Pro models with Mini-LED screens who were complaining about not feeling the benefit of the display’s ProMotion tech when scrolling in the Safari web browser are reporting that the latest version of macOS Monterey (which is still in testing) has fixed this issue.This potentially good…

Fresh Safari

Give iOS Safari a fresh look by customizing your new tab page

If you’re using Safari’s default new tab page on your iPhone, stop. Things can be so much better. You can adjust the browser’s offerings to better suit your habits and even add a background image for a little bit of flair behind your favorites and other shortcuts. Yes, the Start Page (to use its Apple-given…

iPhone Safari

New iPhone Safari Extension Brings PIP to YouTube

And A DinosaurUsing YouTube in the Safari browser isn’t the best experience. The YouTube app isn’t much better, as it lacks some essential features. A new Safari extension called Vinegar replaces the YouTube player with a small HTML one. The new extension is developed by And a Dinosaur (via Daring Fireball), which also made a Web Inspector, a…


How to Copy URLs of All Open Tabs in Safari

Starting with Safari 15, Apple’s browser now has a hidden feature that lets you copy all the web addresses (URLs) from dozens of open tabs. Here’s how you can copy links from multiple tabs at once on your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. What You’ll Need Apple added the new “Copy Links” feature with Safari 15…


I love the new Safari in iOS 15 and you will too

When I finally got around to downloading iOS 15 to my iPhone last week, I was filled with trepidation. It wasn’t fear of bugs or broken apps or battery health. It was because of the new Safari. As I waited for the bar below the Apple logo to fill, I found myself thinking of the…