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Review: Samurai Warriors 5

Koei Tecmo’s Samurai Warriors finally returns after a seven year hiatus with a soft reboot that takes the long-running saga back to its roots, focusing on a brash young Nobunaga Oda’s unwavering determination to unify Japan whilst zeroing in on his relationship with Mitsuhide Akechi. Samurai Warriors 5 is a slick and stylish addition to…

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Samurai Warriors 5 Review

From the mainline Dynasty entries to the countless anime adaptations and even the The Legend of Zelda spin-offs, the musou formula popularized by developer Omega Force still manages to produce some entertaining battles. The one-versus-one-hundred hack-and-slash action can get repetitive, but each game usually spins a decent yarn along the way. That and the dozens…

Cyberpunk Samurai

Moon Samurai is a Cyberpunk Pixel Graphics Action Adventure Game, Announced for Switch and PC

by William D’Angelo , posted 8 hours ago / 372 ViewsDeveloper Nunchaku Games has announced 2D pixel graphics action adventure game set in cyberpunk universe, Moon Samurai, for the Nintendo Switch and PC. A release date was not announced.  Nunchaku Games told Gematsu there are currently no plans for a release on the PlayStation or…