Computer Science

AP Computer Science Tips

We are all consumers of computer science. Whether we hail an Uber ride, play a game, attend a remote class, or post to social media, we are consuming code.  If you want to be a producer instead of a consumer, AP® Computer Science is the course for you! Computer science teaches computational thinking and the…

roadmap Science

Science and Roadmap Details for Commonwealth Fusion Systems

Here are a Lawrence Livermore and ARPA-E presentation on the science and roadmap details for Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS). CFS has completed and validated their 20 Tesla magnet system which is critical for massively reducing the size of a commercial Tokamak. CFS has raised $215 million and now have a staff of over 240. They…

Science super-strong

The science behind super-strong hurricanes like Ida

Less than a week ago, Hurricane Ida was known as Tropical Depression 9, a swirling mass of energy in the Caribbean Sea. That mass developed into a powerful tropical storm last Thursday, by which time there was no mistaking what would happen next: Ida was on track to become a major hurricane. Forecasters knew this…

Applied Science

Science, applied: 3 ways AI and ML are advancing the insurance industry

The Transform Technology Summits start October 13th with Low-Code/No Code: Enabling Enterprise Agility. Register now! This article was written by Kea Goins, a Marketing Coordinator at Valkyrie. From maximizing advertisement relevance to customizing user experience, the benefits of applied sciences and advanced data analytics have become more apparent as industries adopt data-driven approaches to create…

Science summer

Summer of Science Reading, Episode 2: Life beneath Our Feet

Welcome to Scientific American’s Science of Summer Reading. I’m your host Deboki Chakravarti. Sometimes on Science Talk, we have conversations with authors about their books. But this series is a little different.  What I love as a reader is seeing how books can end up feeling like they’re in conversation with each other, even when…

Improving Science

5 tips for improving your data science workflow

All the sessions from Transform 2021 are available on-demand now. Watch now. The biggest wastes in data science and machine learning don’t stem from inefficient code, random bugs, or incorrect analysis. They stem from flaws in planning and communication. Execution mistakes can cost a day or two to fix, but planning mistakes can take weeks…

getting Science

U.S. Science Labs Getting Towering New Equipment

Aug. 3, 2021 — To reach the summit of two multimillion-dollar pieces of state-of-the-art equipment, scientists climb stairways spiraling around the structures — each the size of two supersized stacked refrigerators. The $40 million National Science Foundation investment is intended, in part, to advance health research and drug development. The spectrometers operate in much the…

Birds Science

The Science of Birds

Introduction Our Fascinating Feathered Friendsby Lisa Pallatroni Section 1: Evolution 1.1    Taking Wing          by Stephen Brusatte 1.2    Fossil Pigments Reveal Dinosaur Origin of Bird Egg Colors          by Kate Wong 1.3    Giants of the Sky          by Daniel T. Ksepka & Michael Habib 1.4    How Birds Branched Out          by Kate Wong 1.5    Winged…

Girls' Science

Girls are less likely to see science as a viable career when taught alongside scientifically confident classmates

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Being in a classroom surrounded by children who are confident and interested in science can actually put girls off pursuing a career in STEM subjects, according to a new study. In contrast, boys seem to be inspired by their peers’ confidence and are more likely to see themselves in STEM roles…

Science Trans

The bad science behind trans healthcare bans

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Lawmakers cling to flawed evidence while restricting care for trans youth Conservative legislators and special interest groups are using scientific studies as a cudgel in their attempts to limit children’s access to gender affirming healthcare. One of the biggest battles is taking place in Arkansas. “We can’t act…