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Google Security Questions Black Product Manager On Campus

UPDATED ON : SEPTEMBER 27, 2021 / 12:18 PM In a now-viral tweet shared earlier this week, a Black associate product manager at Google said he was stopped by company security because someone didn’t believe he belonged there.  Angel Onuoha, a graduate of Harvard University and co-founder of Black-run hedge fund, BLK Capital Management, tweeted on…

security wireless

Best wireless home security cameras of 2021: Arlo, Wyze and more

Finding an outlet inside your house for a security camera is a breeze, but what about for those outdoor cameras? Concealing power cords under your house’s siding or running it along a fence can work — but it takes a ton of time, and if you’re not a pro, it’s easy for the install to…

binocular security

Home security goes binocular with the new Reolink Duo 2K camera

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improve security

Ways to Improve Security in Your New Home

There’s nothing like the excitement of moving into a new home. There is a lot of promise to this fresh start, from decorating the living room to planning the first home improvement project. However, it’s essential not to overlook the importance of improving your home’s security after moving in. Use these tips to help heighten…

camera security

The best home security camera on Amazon just got a rare discount

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, we may receive an affiliate commission. Do you follow developments in the smart home market? Anyone who does will tell you that the Wyze Cam was nothing short of a game-changer when it first debuted all those years ago. This…

Android's security

Android’s Best New Security Feature Arrives on Older Smartphones

News @xguntherc Sep 17, 2021, 1:56 pm EDT | 1 min read Justin DuinoOne of Google’s best privacy-focused features released last year is finally coming to more devices. Of course, we’re talking about the auto-reset for app permissions, where the Android operating system will restrict an app from accessing critical features like your microphone, storage,…

security Study

Study: IT security for electric cars in China

New survey of Chinese cybersecurity and data protection regulations for the electric and connected car industry published by Fraunhofer SIT and Fraunhofer Singapore Darmstadt/Singapore – The world’s largest automotive market, China, is experiencing high growth rates for electric cars. In order to successfully compete in China, international automakers must comply with Chinese cybersecurity, cryptography and…

security Smart

Best Smart Security Cameras in 2021: Protect your home

Wireless home security cameras make up one of the most popular segments of the smart home market, and it’s easy to see why. These awesome devices let you see exactly what’s going on in and around your home at any time, from anywhere in the world. They can even alert you when there’s movement in…

security WhatsApp

WhatsApp – Security of End-to-End Encrypted Backups [pdf]

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security starts

IT security starts with knowing your assets: Asia-Pacific

On the best of days, securing the networks, devices, and data of NTUC Enterprise is no easy task. The Singapore-based cooperative consists of nine business units, from food services to insurance, and serves more than 2 million customers in nearly 1,000 locations.  When the 2020 coronavirus pandemic hit, it forced many of NTUC’s employees to…