Problem self-driving

Problem with self-driving cars

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Mercedes self-driving

This new Mercedes self-driving system lets you take your eyes off the road

Driver assistance features on the market today will steer the car for you and can adjust its speed with the accelerator and brake, but there’s an important catch: You have to always supervise it, even for capable hands-off-the-wheel systems such as General Motors’ Super Cruise and Ford’s BlueCruise. But that’s changing, thanks to an impressive…

Explain self-driving

At Last, a Self-Driving Car That Can Explain Itself

Rather than tell the driver that there’s an intersection 30 meters ahead, the navigation system refers to landmarks, such as the crosswalk in this illustration, or a tree farther down the street.For all the recent improvements in artificial intelligence, the technology still cannot take the place of human beings in situations where it must frame…

self-driving Tesla’s

Tesla’s Full Self Driving Beta provides automated driving profiles that can perform rolling stops

In brief: Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) tech is in beta right now and still receives regular feature updates. Some include minor changes and improvements, but the latest version of the software is considerably more substantial, at least on paper. It allows users to select one of three different FSD driving profiles: Chill, Average, and Assertive.…

Cadillac’s self-driving

Cadillac’s self-driving concept is a luxury love seat on wheels

After introducing a six-person self-driving box and a frickin’ ridable drone concept last year, GM’s latest luxury self-driving EV idea is much more grounded. The InnerSpace concept looks like a futuristic car from the outside—but inside, there’s a two-seat loveseat surrounded by one of the widest screens we’ve ever seen. There’s no steering wheel or…

self-driving Tesla

Tesla Full Self-Driving bug forces company to recall 11,704 cars

This week, Tesla is recalling nearly 12,000 vehicles in the US. The recall is due to a software bug that could cause false forward-collision warnings (FCW) and automatic emergency brake (AEB) events, as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported. The recall happened days after Tesla rolled out a software update with limited early…

self-driving Waymo

Self-Driving Waymo Cars Flood San Francisco Neighborhood Causing Disruptions To Residents And Holding Up Traffic

#Roommates, technology advancements are constantly making our lives easier and more convenient, especially self-driving cars, but residents of a San Francisco neighborhood may think otherwise. The Waymo self-driving cars have flooded one San Francisco neighborhood and residents are not too happy about the disruptions they have caused to their daily commute.@USAToday reports, the residents of…

Begin self-driving

‘Self-Driving’ Cars Begin to Emerge from a Cloud of Hype

OpinionDevelopers try to overcome a multitude of technical challenges before vehicles drive on their ownSelf-driving car from the autonomous vehicle company drives along a road in Shanghai, China, this past summer. Credit: Qilai Shen Getty ImagesOpinionDevelopers try to overcome a multitude of technical challenges before vehicles drive on their ownBy: Steven E. ShladovercloseSteven E.…