Penzey's sends

Penzey’s sends a spicy “Republicans Are Racists” promotional email

At the end of last week, as many were readying for a long Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend, Penzey’s Spices CEO Bill Penzey Jr. sent a spicy promotional email to customers.  He dubbed the upcoming sale “Republicans are Racists Weekend.” With a $10 purchase, customers were offered ½ cup jar of China Cinnamon, Mexican…

China sends

China sends classified satellite into space during first launch of 2022

Home News Spaceflight China executed its first launch of 2022 with a classified mission, the Shiyan 13 test satellite.The Long March 2D rocket carrying Shiyan 13 launched from the China National Space Administration’s (CNSA) northern Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center Tuesday (Jan. 17) at 10:35 a.m. local time (0235 GMT, or 9:35 p.m. EST on Jan.…

sends Swift

A swift kick sends a black hole careening

Since 2006, astrophysicists have shown through computer simulations that when two black holes merge, the gravitational waves emitted during this interaction carry linear momentum with them. This, in turn, could potentially impart a large recoil, or “kick,” to the product of that merger: a bigger black hole.Until now, this kick remained strictly theoretical. It could be…

sends warning

FDA sends warning to food firms over import violations and Salmonella in retail sampling

As part of its enforcement activities, the Food and Drug Administration sends warning letters to entities under its jurisdiction. Some letters are not posted for public view until weeks or months after they are sent. Business owners have 15 days to respond to FDA warning letters. Warning letters often are not issued until a company…

Forum sends

Forum Post Sends Splinter Cells Fans Into Ban Panic [Updates]

Image: UbisoftA forum post, locked and pinned to the top of the game’s forums, has for the last 24 hours had Splinter Cell fans thinking that they were in for some drastic punishment if they continued sending in support tickets.Ubisoft representatives now tell Kotaku that the post had been written by a user impersonating a…

Court sends

Hong Kong court sends 20-year-old student activist Tony Chung to prison for pro-democracy work

Tony Chung, leader of the pro-Hong Kong independence group StudentLocalism, attends a rally in Hong Kong on January 1, 2019. Tuesday, he was sentenced to 43 months in prison for violating China’s national security law and money laundering. File Photo by Alex Hofford/EPA-EFE Nov. 23 (UPI) — A former student leader of a pro-Hong Kong…

Canada sends

Canada sends air force to reopen supply lines after floods in BC

Canada’s military forces are assisting with evacuations as torrential rains cause floods and landslides, closing roads and railways.The Canadian government says it is sending the air force to the Pacific coast Canadian province of British Columbia (BC) to assist with evacuations and to support supply lines following floods and mudslides caused by extremely heavy rainfall.…

sends Snoop

Snoop Dogg Sends His Mother Home

Snoop Dogg’s mother, Beverly Tate,  passed away in late October and the rapper recently shared a video of the homecoming service. The series of videos posted to his Instagram accounts sees Snoop Dogg and his wife Shante, dressed in all red driving to the service and occasionally turning the camera to reveal a necklace with…

Google sends

Google sends anti-regulation propaganda to small businesses using Google Maps

Protect your corporate overlords — Scary new site tells Google users antitrust limits could “impact your business.” Ron Amadeo – Nov 9, 2021 7:03 pm UTC Enlarge / Let’s see, you landed on my “Google Ads” space, and with three houses… that will be $1,400. Ron Amadeo / HasbroGoogle is quietly enlisting the help of…

Diesel sends

Vin Diesel Sends Message To Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson About Reprising His Role For The 10th ‘Fast & Furious’ Film 

The “Fast & Furious” franchise will soon come to an end, and it looks like Vin Diesel is making sure all of the key characters are present for the finale.On Sunday, Vin penned an open message to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as he encouraged him to make a return to the franchise.In his message, Vin…