Antibody Short-term

Antibody acts like short-term malaria vaccine

SummaryA powerful new weapon could one day join the global fight against malaria, especially to help people who need temporary protection from the deadly disease. Drugs and bed nets can to some extent already protect against the disease, which still sickens at least 200 million people a year and kills an estimated 400,000. Vaccines have…

approach Short-term

Short-term Approach Best for Seizure Prevention After ICH

Short-term, 7-day prophylactic regimens are superior to longer-term strategies for preventing seizures following spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage (sICH), new research shows. Investigators created a model that simulated common clinical scenarios to compare four antiseizure drug strategies ― conservative, moderate, aggressive, and risk-guided. They used the 2HELPS2B score as a risk stratification tool to guide clinical decisions.…