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Ted Cruz slammed for not using his real Hispanic name Rafael, Internet calls him ‘whitewashed’

‘Nothing says more about canceling Hispanic culture than @tedcruz changing his name to Ted from Raphael,’ said a user Ted Cruz (Getty Images) Hispanic brand Goya Foods recently faced intense backlash for their “pro-Trump” stance and the Internet proceeded to petition that people #BoycottGoya. As in every political debate, there are two sides, and the…

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Asteroid that slammed into Earth 66 million years ago DID wipe out the dinosaurs

Asteroid that slammed into Earth 66 million years ago DID wipe out the dinosaurs while volcanic eruptions from the Deccan Traps helped life recover, study showsResearchers looked at the Chicxulub asteroid and Deccan Traps volcanic activityThey created mathamatical models and used climate data to compare the twoThis allowed them to prove that an asteroid impact had…

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Hertz, slammed by coronavirus, to continue under bankruptcy protection. ‘No business is built for zero revenue.’

Hertz filed for bankruptcy protection Friday, unable to withstand the coronavirus pandemic that has crippled global travel and with it, the heavily indebted 102-year-old car rental company’s business. The Estero, Florida-based company’s lenders were unwilling to grant it another extension on its auto lease debt payments past a Friday deadline, triggering the filing in U.S. Bankruptcy Court…

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John Kraskinski slammed as ‘sellout’ over ‘Some Good News’ deal with CBS

Get all the latest news on coronavirus and more delivered daily to your inbox.  Sign up here.It’s bad news for “Some Good News” host John Krasinski.As the coronavirus outbreak worsened around the world back in March, Krasinski, 40, launched the online show “Some Good News,” which was dedicated entirely to sharing positive news stories.The show…