Simple Solution

A Simple Solution Would Make COVID Antivirals More Accessible, Pharmacists Say

People in the U.S. who suspect they have COVID may now be able to get tested and treated much more quickly, thanks to a new federal program announced by President Joe Biden in his March 1 State of the Union address. The initiative, known as Test to Treat, allows people to take a COVID test…

Casino's Solution

A.I. Is A.I. The Next Solution to Problem Gambling?

Virrage Images/Shutterstock Artificial intelligence has the potential to address a variety of life’s problems, including helping doctors diagnose tricky health conditions and aiding scientists in sorting through troves of raw data. Gambling addiction is another issue A.I. may help humans tackle — though it can’t necessarily stop someone from engaging in risky gambling habits, it…

colleges Solution

Colleges’ new solution to enrollment declines: Reducing the number of dropouts

This story about reducing college dropouts was produced by The Hechinger Report, a nonprofit, independent news organization focused on inequality and innovation in education. BOCA RATON, Fla. — With no one to support him after leaving foster care when he turned 18, Hasan Dickinson held down two jobs during his first semester at a large state…

Google's Solution

Google’s solution to the green bubble iMessage problem is insanely great

We all know how annoying group conversations can be when one of the bubbles is green, but it’s about to get better. Google’s solution to iPhone “tapbacks” is rolling out to Android phones beginning today and it’s very slick. Tapbacks in iMessage are the reactions that appear when you long-press on a text. On the…

Green Solution

A New Green Solution for Dyeing Blue Denim

Whatever color your clothes are, the process to make them that way is probably pretty toxic. According to the United Nations Environment Assembly, textile dyeing is the second largest water polluter in the world. And not only is fabric dyeing full of harmful chemicals, it’s water-expensive: Your average pair of jeans takes up to 26…

DARPA's Solution

DARPA’s solution to the military’s plastic trash problem? Eat it.

An army marches on its stomach, and leaves trash in its wake.  Before combat can even begin, militaries start generating waste. Disposing of refuse, such as wrappers, containers, and disused packaging, is a problem at every stage of the life cycle. It takes energy to ship the packaging into a country, it requires dedicated resources…

Problem Solution

The $500,000 Solution to a $12 Problem

You are here: Home / Productivity / The $500,000 Solution to a $12 ProblemBy Mark Shead 2 CommentsJohn was the CEO of ACME Toothpaste and he was always looking for ways to make his factory more efficient. One of the areas he was looking into was the problems caused when an empty box somehow made…

poverty Solution

The solution to poverty could be as “simple as expanding cash”

Experts in philanthropy are gradually coming around to the idea that simply giving poor people cash — rather than services or in-kind benefits — is the most efficient way to make progress on severe poverty.The big picture: The divergent economic experiences between rich and poor countries during the pandemic has shown the value of directly…

Hormone Solution

Over 30 Hormone Solution Review: Does it Really Work?

Over 30 Hormone Solution is a type of dietary supplement full of natural ingredients that initiate the fat-burning process in a woman’s body.Hormonal imbalance plays a key role in weight gain, while hormonal balance enables you to lose weight. As per the Over 30 hormone solution review, it restores hormonal balance in women and helps…