Space calendar 2021: Rocket launches, sky events, assignments & more!

Here's a guide to all the rocket launches and astronomical events in 2021, as well as milestones for space missions,…

2 days ago

‘Kerbal Space Program 2’ currently launching in 2022

Kerbonauts will need to wait a year longer to fly their newest missions in "Kerbal Space Program 2," which is…

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‘Space Sweepers,’ coming to Netflix Following month, Was called the Korean’Star Wars’

The hunt by subscribers for new Netflix movies and TV shows to watch is about to get a little easier,…

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How to free up space on your Mac

For a pretty penny, you can get a Mac with loads of storage — up to 8TB on certain models,…

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9 epic space discoveries you may have missed in 2020

Medical discoveries dominated the news in 2020, but even under pandemic conditions, astronomers discovered amazing things in space in 2020.

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Exploring Space Can Unite the U.S.–but Not in the Way You Might Think

Survey show that Americans want NASA to monitor climate change and asteroid threats, not land astronauts on the moon Credit:…

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2020 in space: So many reasons to celebrate in an otherwise terrible year

SpaceX sent NASA astronauts to space from US soil in 2020 for the first time in nearly a decade. NASA…

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The 10 biggest space discoveries and Tales of 2020

 For many reasons, 2020 may be a watershed year for society and science. Astronomers and space agencies spent the year…

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The best space stories of 2020

In the midst of a pandemic, we still sent astronauts back into space, broke off pieces of two asteroids, stared…

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8 history-making space stories of 2020

The rocket containing NASA's Perseverance Mars rover launches on July 30, 2020 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida…

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