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Spotify Founder Daniel Ek’s Offer to Buy Arsenal Rejected by Kroenkes

Spotify CEO and founder Daniel Ek announced Saturday that his bid to buy Arsenal from Kroenke Sports & Entertainment was rejected: That will be a…

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Spotify Turns 15: What Are Its Most Important Innovations?

Spotify celebrated its 15th birthday in April 2021, and it’s been quite the journey for the music streaming platform so far. Beyond changing how we listen to music, the company has revolutionized the worlds of technology and business in general too. This article will look at the Stockholm-headquartered music giant’s most significant innovations, along with…

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Spotify Upgrade changes the way you Will Discuss podcasts

Spotify is getting a new update today that serves up some intriguing features for those who use the platform to listen to podcasts or create Canvas videos to share on social media. You’ll now be able to share timestamped podcasts, which allows your friends to begin listening precisely when you want them to. Spotify is…

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Spotify makes it easier to navigate your library on the go

Spotify’s vast library of music and podcasts is its biggest strength — but if you’re in a rush, that can also be its greatest downside. For years, the company’s “Your Library” section in its mobile apps has been ill-equipped to handle our every-growing music collections. Today, Spotify is finally modernizing that experience with a completely…

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Spotify creator’very serious’ about purchasing his favorite team, Arsenal, says he has secured funding

Spotify founder and CEO Daniel Ek told CNBC on Wednesday he’s “very serious” about wanting to buy Arsenal, despite current ownership vowing it does not want to sell the English soccer club.Ek first floated his interest in buying the team on Twitter after plans to create an elite, breakaway soccer league in Europe collapsed last week following…

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Spotify Monthly Active Users Hit 356 Million, Falling Short Of Target; Revenue Up 16%; Podcast Listening Hits High

Spotify saw revenue grow 16% last quarter to €2.147 billion ($2.59 billion) fueled by a 46% jump in ad sales as podcast listening hit a high and monthly active users grew 24% to 356 million, including both free and paid. Premium subscribers increased 21%, as the company added nearly 4 million net new members to…

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Spotify Rolls Out Paid Podcast Subscriptions, Won’t Charge Hosts for 2 Years

Spotify on Tuesday launched its new paid podcast subscriptions feature, allowing podcast hosts to charge their listeners for exclusive content. The new feature is available just weeks before Apple, Spotify’s chief competition when it comes to music and podcasts, is set to rollout its own version of paid podcast subscriptions. Spotify’s new feature will allow…

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New Spotify price date and Just How much more you’ll pay

Spotify prices are about to change again for some users – not all, but quite a few – as of this Friday. Spotify will begin with the family premium plan in the United States, and both the UK and Europe will have price changes in several areas. Price changes begin this Friday, the 30th of…

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How Has Spotify Stayed Successful in the Music Streaming Market?

Despite fierce competition from tech giants like Apple and Amazon, Spotify has remained one of the world’s most popular music streaming platforms. In its early days, personalization and an easier way of helping users discover new music set it apart from others. Now, though, its competitors are doing the same thing. So, how does Spotify…

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Spotify might crush an exciting new Apple service before it even launches

During its Spring Loaded special event on April 20th, Apple announced that paid subscriptions would be coming to the Podcasts app, allowing podcasters to charge listeners money for access to their shows. Starting this May, all creators will be able to sell premium subscriptions to their shows that can include benefits such as ad-free listening,…