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Critics Bet their claim to climate activism in Miami

Miami For Benji Backer, being conservative means believing in limited government, market-based solutions – and the scientists who say carbon emissions must be cut to avoid the worst of climate change.Mr. Backer’s nonprofit, the American Conservation Coalition (ACC), held what it billed as the country’s first conservative climate rally in Miami, part of an effort by the 23-year-old activist…

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Everything at stake on the last day of the NBA regular season

Here is what’s on the line ahead of the league’s regular-season finale.

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What’s at stake for every NBA team the rest of the season

The end of the NBA’s regular season is typically a time for teams to rest their starters and gear up for either the playoffs or draft lottery. The introduction of the play-in tournament this year has changed that a bit, adding more urgency to the closing stretch of the season as most teams still have…

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Veritex Purchases 49% stake in Thrive Mortgage

The parent company of Veritex Community Bank will acquire a 49% stake in Texas-based mortgage lender Thrive Mortgage, the firms announced late Tuesday afternoon. Veritex Holdings, which has a long history of making acquisitions, will pay $53.9 million for its piece of Thrive, valuing the Georgetown, Texas-headquartered company at roughly $110 million. The investment is…