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Steam is on Chrome OS: How to Get Started Gaming on a Chromebook

The Acer Spin 713 is one of the few Chromebooks to support Steam on Chrome OS. Josh Goldman/CNET One of the biggest knocks against Chromebooks is that they’re no good for gaming. There are Android games, but not all of them work. You can use a cloud gaming service such as Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce…

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Thanks to Microsoft Edge

Valve’s Linux-based Steam Deck has captured the gaming world’s attention and this weekend it received a major boost—from Microsoft, of all companies. The beta version of Microsoft’s Edge browser for Linux now brings Xbox Cloud Gaming support to the Steam Deck, mere weeks after Valve released official Windows drivers for its handheld gaming PC. That…

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Steam Deck now supports Xbox Cloud Gaming through Edge

by William D’Angelo , posted 4 hours ago / 311 ViewsThe Head of Product and Strategy at Xbox Cloud Gaming Catherine Gluckstein has announced Xbox and Valve have worked together to make the Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) available to use on the Steam Deck through the Microsoft Edge Beta.  There are also a number of…

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Google will bring Steam to Chromebooks and Android games to PCs

Valve Software’s Steam digital games library has become synonymous with PC gaming, but now it’s coming to… Chromebooks? Yes, it’s true, according to a post made by a Chrome support manager to the Chromebook Help forum on Tuesday, and unearthed by 9to5Google. The post is short, and doesn’t offer much detail, but does represent a…

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Elden Ring Once Again Tops the Steam Charts, Steam Deck Takes 2nd

by William D’Angelo , posted 13 hours ago / 934 ViewsElden Ring in its third week has once again topped the Steam Weekly Top Sellers chart for Week 9, 2022, which ended March 13, 2022. Another edition of the game is in third place. Valve’s all-in-one portable PC gaming device, the Steam Deck, took second place.…

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How to locate your Steam screenshots

PCWorld Steam claims that taking screenshots is simple. Just press F12 while in a game. You don’t have to memorize multiple keystrokes like for Windows Game Bar or GeForce Experience. And it’s true—that part is straightforward. But where those screenshots end up is less simple. Steam lies about where it deposits those images. Well, it…

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The Steam Deck is slowly adding Windows support

The Steam Deck has added Windows drivers, meaning Valve’s handheld gaming PC will be able to boot a Windows operating system. With some caveats, of course.Currently, the Steam Deck uses a custom version of SteamOS, but Valve has said in the past that Windows should be a viable OS for users who are interested in…

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What is Steam Deck like on a desktop computer?

Half the point of the Steam Deck is that it’s portable, but the other half is that it’s a PC. With the right tools, then, you can plug into a monitor, add a mouse and keyboard, and get playing as if it were a (somewhat) conventional gaming rig. But how well does the Steam Deck…

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The Full Nerd Ep 208: Steam Deck reactions, Nvidia LHR malware

In this episode of The Full Nerd, Gordon Ung, Brad Chacos, and Adam Patrick Murray mull reactions to Valve’s Steam Deck, malware disguised as a tool to unlock full mining capabilities on Nvidia graphics cards, and a new chiplet standard. The initial Valve Steam Deck reviews are finally in, and no surprise, they’re a little…

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How to Move a Steam Game from One Drive to Another

Postmodern Studio/Shutterstock.comSteam offers multiple library folders, and you can choose where you want to install games when you download them. And, thanks to an update, you can easily move a game after you’ve downloaded it without re-downloading the entire thing. This process can save you from downloading tens or even hundreds of gigabytes of game…