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The Dems Use the Stress of Car Travel and Air Travel to Increase Build Back Better Push

As the holiday season gets into full swing, the Democratic Party appears to be promoting President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better infrastructure package using travel-related billboard advertisements.One of these billboards, just south of Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, stresses the importance of rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure as the busy holiday travel season continues to ramp up.”Stressed…

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Stress, by itself, can lead to excessive drinking in women but not men

Credit: CC0 Public Domain A new study has shown that stress alone can drive women to excessive drinking. Men who experienced the same stress only drank to excess when they had already started consuming alcohol. Though rates of alcohol misuse are higher in men than women, women are catching up. Women also have a greater…

Positive stress

How to hack your stress and turn it into a positive force in your life

Too much stress hurts mind and body, but the stress response exists for good evolutionary reasons. Recognising that is the first step to turning its negative effects around Health 1 December 2021 By Catherine de Lange Sergio MembrillasMany of us have felt more than a little stressed over the past couple of years. For me,…

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Ask Amy: Pandemic stress is a risk to health

Dear Amy: Can you stand yet another letter about COVID-19? My age and health status puts me in a higher risk group than others. Because of the pandemic, I have avoided contact with people. I quit my part-time job because of concerns about COVID in the workplace. I no longer travel or have in-person visits…


Ways to Tame Stress When You Have CAD

Stress is a basic instinct for all animals — humans too. It’s the body’s fight or flight response for fending off danger. It presses the “pause” button on our bodily functions and puts all our energy toward the threat at hand. And it’s not always bad. In fact, it might even save your life.“Acute stress…

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Does environmental stress drive migration?

Credit: CC0 Public Domain With the United Nations climate conference in Glasgow, the world is focused on the consequences of a climate crisis and how we can still change course. Yet while climate-driven migration has been deemed a major threat in public discourse and academic research, comprehensive studies that take into account both environmental and…

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Stress, Depression During Pregnancy Can Harm Child

Oct. 26, 2021 — New evidence points to the importance of helping mothers with their mental health during pregnancy.Researchers from the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD, have found that feelings of stress or depression while pregnant are linked to changes in the placenta where the child is growing. The findings, published in Epigenomics,…

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Manage Your Stress, Insomnia, and More With These Free Mental Health Apps

Photo: dodotone (Shutterstock)There are a lot of great mental health apps out there, but some of the best require a subscription. If you just want some basic tools to help you manage your mental health, the US Departments of Veterans Affairs has a ton that they’ve developed for veterans but released for everyone to use.You…

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Studies stress botulism education in Romania and Italy

Two studies in different European countries have both emphasized the need to improve consumer awareness and education to prevent botulism. The first study looked at epidemiological data on foodborne botulism in Western Romania over the past decade. Botulism poisoning is a rare illness caused by toxins produced by Clostridium botulinum bacteria. Medical records from one…