Cicilline Support

Rep. Cicilline on support for LGBTQ rights: ‘It’s time for Congress to catch up’

The House is gearing up to vote on the Equality Act, which could become landmark LGBTQ rights legislation that is decades in the making. Rep. David Cicilline, who is spearheading a version of the bill, speaks to NBC News’ Joe Fryer.

Samsung Support

Samsung to support security updates for Galaxy devices for at least 4 yrs

Samsung offers end-to-end protection, from the moment new product planning begins until a product is retired. It embeds security across every single layer of its devices, from the chip all the way up to the apps.

Support Thousands

On This Day, Feb. 20: Thousands support Nazism at Madison Square Garden rally

On Feb. 20, 1939, tens of thousands of Nazi supporters gathered for a rally at New York City’s Madison Square Garden to celebrate the rise of Adolf Hitler.

Grows Support

Support grows for US Capitol riot query after Trump’s acquittal

A day after Trump won his second Senate impeachment trial in two years, bipartisan support appeared to be growing for an independent Sept. 11-style commission to make sure that such a horrific assault could never happen again.

Democrats Support

Why do Democrats still encourage the Prayer Breakfast following its leaders endorsed Trump’s election lies?

Since 1953, every U.S. president has addressed the National Prayer Breakfast. Will Joe Biden break the tradition?

reaffirms Support

US reaffirms support for Taiwan after China sends warplanes

After new incidents of Chinese warplanes flying near Taiwan, the U.S. State Department urged Beijing to replace pressure with dialogue.

iPhones Support

IOS 15 may end support for these iPhones and iPads at 2021

A new report claims iOS 15 won’t support the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE (1st generation), iPad (5th generation), iPad mini 4, or iPad Air 2. iOS 14 supported all of the same devices as iOS 13, but reports suggest that iOS 15 will no longer offer support to any devices with A9…

apologizes Support

APA Apologizes for Past Support of Racism in Psychiatry

The American Psychiatric Association acknowledges past practices and events contributing to racial inequality, and is working to develop anti-racist policies that promote equity in mental health. Medscape Medical News

improve Support

Blog: How can we improve support powers in RTS games?

In RTS titles, support powers’ greatest strengths come hand-in-hand with their greatest weaknesses. This piece looks at how we can improve these abilities in RTS games. …

Resizable Support

MSI will Encourage Resizable BAR across Intel and AMD motherboards, even Threadripper

MSI said it will support Nvidia’s unsexy-sounding, yet performance-boosting PCIe Resizable BAR feature across many of its AMD and Intel-based motherboards.Enabling PCIe Resizable BAR is a way to allow the technology underpinning AMD’s new Smart Access Memory feature on Nvidia and Intel hardware, too. Smart Access Memory gives AMD Ryzen 5000 CPUs full access to…