Houseplants Sustainable

How to ensure your houseplants last

The rise in demand for exotic houseplants is damaging the environment. We need to make sure our gardening is green, writes Beronda L. Montgomery Environment | Columnist 4 May 2022 By Beronda L. Montgomery Shutterstock/De19OVER dinner with friends, one half of a couple proudly declared that his resourcefulness in finding local, sustainably caught fish had…

packaging Sustainable

Sustainable packaging: How can start-ups think outside the box when it comes to snacks and booze?

It is estimated that in the UK, between a quarter and a third of all domestic waste comes from packaging, with a significant amount attributed to food and drink.Food packaging is notoriously difficult to reuse and recycle, due to the safety and shelf-life qualities multi-layered and flexible packaging brings to the product. In the convenience drinks…

Sustainable Vision

A vision for sustainable energy in Africa | Chibeze Ezekiel

Africa needs new energy sources to fuel its development, but the continent should invest in renewable energy instead of cheap, polluting alternatives like coal, says climate inclusion activist Chibeze Ezekiel. He tells the story of how he worked with local communities in Ghana to halt the co

Sustainable swaps

33 Sustainable Swaps That Are Under $25

Low-waste living is a big green flag.We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices…

Pillars Sustainable

5 Pillars of Sustainable Digital Transformation

Digital business and sustainability are often viewed as mutually exclusive. However, as the global climate crisis spirals and sustainability butt heads with digital transformation for prime placement on business’ boardroom agendas, both domains should be seen as complementary growth drivers. The efficiencies gained through digital automation and the expanded reach made available through digital services…

products Sustainable

Make sustainable products, sell, repeat

“We call it single bottom-line sustainability, where I look at the single bottom line of all those elements, and I start attaching sustainability to it,” Glickman says. “And I start looking at changes of value and then I can build a business case for change.” As companies set sustainability goals—to be carbon neutral by 2050,…

reckoning Sustainable

How AI could bring about a sustainable reckoning of hydropower

Hydropower has been stirring up controversies since the early 2000s. Despite being promoted as a solution to mitigate climate change, the hydropower bubble burst when researchers discovered in 2005 that hydropower dams are responsible for huge amounts of greenhouse gas emissions.  Hydropower dams’ walls restrict the flow of rivers and turn them into pools of…

Manufacturing Sustainable

Sustainable manufacturing using synthetic biology

Producing commodity chemicals in bacteria that live on industrial air pollution captures more greenhouse gases than it emits. Synthetic biology promises to lead the way to a sustainable manufacturing sector. If the thousands of chemicals derived from petroleum and natural gas — including fuels, plastics and industrial chemicals — could be produced instead with microbes,…

backing Sustainable

Supporting sustainable agriculture through decentralized inclusive finance

Join today’s leading executives online at the Data Summit on March 9th. Register here. By Jan Stockhausen, chief legal architect of Etherisc. It can be difficult to comprehend why meaningful climate action is so hard to achieve. While the science is clear on the matter, economics remains a major hurdle. Global agriculture is one sector…

learn Sustainable

Can we learn how to love older (and more sustainable) beef.

For all the articles that have appeared touting vaca vieja — also known as old or dual-purpose beef from mature, retired cattle — as the next big thing in meat with a rich, intensely beefy flavor and sustainable path to plate, the stuff is maddeningly hard for the average consumer to find.  In January while…