Hubble takes

Hubble takes a spiral Picture

Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA, ESO, J. Lee and the PHANGS-HST Team The luminous heart of the galaxy M61 dominates this image, framed by its winding spiral arms threaded with dark tendrils of dust. As well as the usual bright bands of stars, the spiral arms of M61 are studded with ruby-red patches of light. Tell-tale…

silence takes

‘Blue wall of silence’ takes hit in Chauvin’s murder trial

Police accused of wrongdoing can usually count on the blue wall of silence — protection from fellow officers that includes everything from shutting off body cameras to refusing to cooperate with investigators. But that’s not the case with Derek Chauvin, with many colleagues quick to condemn his actions in George Floyd’s death, some even taking…

Airplane takes

Airplane takes off a tonne heavier than expected after computer error weighs adults as children

A flight from the UK to Spain took off with more than a tonne of unexpected weight after a software error classified female passengers using the title “Miss” as children. This led to the flight’s load sheet estimating the weight of 38 female passengers as 38 kg or 77 pounds each, the standard weight for…

Bluetooth takes

The Sony WF-1000XM4 takes yet another step nearer to launch with Bluetooth SIG and FCC certificates; new MediaTek SoC with Bluetooth 5.2 onboard rules out aptX or aptX HD support

Meanwhile, the FCC describes that the WF-1000XM4 has a MediaTek MT2822S SoC, up from the MT2811S found in the WF-1000XM3. Based on The Walkman Blog’s findings, the MT2822 has a faster CPU combined with an improved DSP coprocessor. The MT2822 supports up to 24-bit and 192 KHz audio like the MT2811S, but the former utilises…

takes Voyagers

Voyagers Takes Horny Teens on a Trip to Nowhere

We’ve all had this nightmare: the Earth is dying, so we’re forced to get on a spaceship full of teens on a one-way mission to a faraway planet. Such is the fate that befalls Richard (no relation), the saturnine scientist played by Colin Farrell in the new thriller Voyagers (in theaters April 9). Writer-director Neil…

Amazon takes

Best Buy takes aim at Amazon Prime Using its own membership program

we’re trademarking naas — The company’s new program should appeal to Geek Squad frequent fliers. Jim Salter – Apr 7, 2021 10:54 pm UTC Enlarge / Extended warranties and unlimited tech support—including on things you didn’t purchase from Best Buy in the first place—are bigger potential value-adds to Best Buy Beta than the ubiquitous free…

takes Time’s

NY Times takes a jab at Mike Pompeo for ‘ignoring’ a custom (and KOs Hillary Clinton, John Kerry and others in the process)

The New York Times provides us with plenty of material when it comes to examples of media bias and the oft-accompanying selective amnesia in the field of journalism, but a take has been spotted that comes close to taking the unobjective cake, and here it is: Mike Pompeo is emerging as the most outspoken critic…

straight takes

It Takes Two goes straight to Steam global top seller status

It Takes Two was released on Friday and this title might be the surprise PC gaming hit of 2021. This charming action-adventure puzzling game from Hazelight champions co-op gameplay, has garnered excellent reviews and sits atop the Steam global top sellers list. It is priced at £34.99 in the UK.It might not surprise readers to…

Collectibles takes

It Takes Two Collectibles and Minigame Locations

There are no rewards for winning — other than the knowledge that you have claimed victory over your co-op partner — and you can play the minigames as much or as little as you’d like. Each minigame takes about a minute to complete and they’re never more than a quick minigame that requires a button…

co-op takes

‘It Takes Two’ is a new co-op platformer you should probably check out

Editors Liked Tight and responsive gameplay Excellent level design Co-operative gameplay is incredible Friends Pass is still a great way to share this game online Editors Didn’t Like Some levels aren’t as fun as others Cody and May aren’t likeable characters for far too long Some segments can feel a bit drawn out Direct Competitors…