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1 core exercise that’s more effective than planks for strong, stable abs, according to a trainer

Cavan Images/Getty ImagesThe Pallof press is a core exercise that works all the muscles of the abs, as well as glutes and back.It may be more effective than a plank because it creates less strain on the wrists and lower back.To perform it correctly, avoid rotating and scale the exercise by practicing static holds.You don’t…

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Yeah, that’s really him

Play0:000:00SettingsFullscreenLog in or sign up to leave a commentlevel 1made with mematic? who are you kidding?clearly made with zelensky, this is.level 2 · 1 hr. agoI saw what the dog was doinDamn, he making lit memes too nowlevel 1I’m glad the guy who gave him the guns was smart enough to duck. 🦆level 2Man never…

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Did Rue Die in Euphoria? That’s What We’re Trying to Figure Out.

Season 2 of Euphoria is off to a shocking start. Between Jules and Rue’s tumultuous relationship (and the addition of Elliot), Nate’s love triangle with best friends Cassie and Maddie, and Rue’s serious drug addiction she’s attempting to hide from everyone, the show is as intense as ever. Even supporting characters are going through it.…

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The lab where 200 people are kept frozen heads and bodies

A lab is holding the bodies and heads of 200 people in the hope that they can be brought to life in the future. The Alcor Life Extension Foundation offers the hope that science and technology will advance to the stage where the deceased can be brought back to life. Alcor will freeze a whole…

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That’s Mags January 2022 issue available for download

The Christmas decorations have been packed away for another year and, as we welcome in 2022, we are hoping that this year is the final one dominated by COVID-19. However, that may be a distant pipe dream, as the world is still working out how to deal with the omicron variant. In this issue, Alistair…

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How to Have Shower Sex That’s Actually Sexy–And Safe

Shower sex has a reputation for being this hot, steamy fantasy, but no one ever tells you how to have shower sex that’s, well, actually sexy. Unfortunately, most real-life shower sex is vastly overrated and possibly filled with slips, trips, falls, or at least several awkward attempts to position yourself in a small tub or…

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That’s the 2021 Year in Review

On the eve of 2021, China’s National Health Commission announced that the domestically produced Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine would be free to the Chinese public. High-risk groups were given priority but the first few months of the year saw an unprecedented roll-out of the global vaccination campaign.As the world began emerging from the grips of the…

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That’s a look of serious concern.

Looks like you’re using new Reddit on an old browser. The site may not work properly if you don’t update your browser ! If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit old reddit .Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcutsSearch within r/youseeingthisshitr/youseeingthisshitFound…

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Nominate Now in the That’s Shanghai 2021 Food & Drink Awards

It’s that time of the year again, the time to recognize the Shanghai F&B industry with a big ol’ party. That’s right – it’s time to submit your nominees for the 19th (Nineteenth!) Edition of the That’s Shanghai Food & Drink Awards!The That’s Shanghai Food & Drink Awards ceremony is one of the most prestigious nights of the year for the Shanghai F&B community,…

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WATCH: That’s Shanghai Halloween at Cages was a Hell of a Bash!

The spooky, spine-chilling vibes were in full effect last weekend as you rocked up to Cages in ghoulish get-up for the That’s Shanghai Halloween Party. The drinks were flowing from sponsors Budweiser, G’Vine Gin de France and Everyday Weekend Hard Seltzer, while the legendary DJ Bridget had the party jumping.Here’s a video of how it all went down…And here’s some photos of you all, you freaky,…