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TikTok video shows woman’s full-body COVID enclosure for grocery shopping

We’d had it with Dr. Anthony Fauci long before he decided that instead of not buying masks, you should be wearing two. Fear of the coronavirus has led people to come up with some innovative inventions, although we didn’t think that “emotional moment” showing grandparents hugging their grandchildren through a homemade “hugging station” evoked the…

Affleck TikTok

TikTok User Says Ben Affleck DM’d After She Unmatched Him On Raya—She Has Receipts

A video shared on TikTok Monday apparently shows actor Ben Affleck asking a woman why she recently “unmatched” him on the exclusive dating app Raya.Actress Nivine Jay shared what she claimed was Affleck’s message responding to her at the end of a TikTok video with the comment, “Thinking of the time I matched with Ben…

Captions TikTok

How to Turn TikTok Captions On or Off When Watching Videos

Email Here’s everything you need to know about how to turn TikTok’s auto captions feature on and off when watching videos. TikTok launched a feature in April 2021 that automatically adds captions to a video, converting speech in a video to text. At launch, the feature only supports American English and Japanese, with more languages expected to be…

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TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat –sized content | Qiuqing Tai

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“Face TikTok

The TikTok “Face Lifting” Concealer Hack Is a Total Game Changer

All products featured on Vogue are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.I’ll be the first to admit that I’m late to the TikTok party and all of its riches; namely, its treasure trove of makeup hacks that are as innovative as…

TikTok uploads

TikTok uploads are broken

Many TikTok users are currently unable to post to the app due to a strange issue affecting uploads to the video app. While the app appears to be functional, many users are finding that videos are not actually uploading, despite appearing on their profiles. Others, including Dave Jorgenson, who runs the popular TikTok account for…

Dress TikTok

TikTok Says It’s Time to Dress Like a Y2K Pop Star

Fashion trends are always coming out of TikTok. As soon as a pair of leggings or silk kerchiefs go viral on the app, they become the new must-have. The latest trend on the app, however, is less about hyping up specific item, and more of a call to action: TikTok wants you to dress like…

launches TikTok

TikTok Launches New Immersive Musical Effects

Email Each interactive effect responds to the sound of your music. TikTok is all about the music, so there’s really no better way to supplement music-based videos than with interactive musical effects. Six new effects are coming to TikTok, and they all respond to the different sounds in your music. TikTok’s New Effects Bring Music to Life…

Teenager's TikTok

Teenager’s TikTok Friend Saves His Life After ATV Accident Live-Streamed

A New Hampshire teen is being considered a hero after he saved the life boy who crashed his ATV live on TikTok.Caden Cotnoir, 13, was watching a TikTok live stream of a 12-year-old Trent Jarrett riding his four-wheeler over 800 miles away in West Virginia.”All of a sudden his phone goes kind of blank, you…

Rochelle TikTok

TikTok Star Rochelle Hager Dead at 31 After Freak Driving Accident

Most Viral TikToks of 2020: VidBitsTikTok star Rochelle Hager has passed away after a freak accident while driving. E! News can confirm the 31-year-old social media star known for her TikTok videos under the username @roeurboat3 was driving in Farmington, Maine on Monday, March 29 when winds were gusting at more than 50 MPH. In a…