COVID- tracking

Tracking Covid-19 vaccinations Globally

Tracking Covid-19 vaccinations worldwide

Facebook tracking

Facebook is about to beg you to Allow it keep tracking you in Your Own iPhone

Facebook confirmed that it would comply with Apple’s new privacy rules on iPhone and iPad and shows its users prompts asking for permission to track them and show personalized ads. Facebook insists that Apple’s new privacy rules in iOS 14 will hurt small businesses, and it will show a screen of its own to convince…

plain tracking

Show HN: Time tracking with plain text files


Apple's tracking

Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature will be enabled by default and arrive in’early spring’ on iOS

Apple has shared a few more details about its much-discussed privacy changes in iOS 14. The company first announced at WWDC in June that app developers would have to ask users for permission in order to track and share their IDFA identifier for cross-property ad targeting purposes. While iOS 14 launched in the fall, Apple…

NORAD tracking

NORAD is tracking more than Santa this year. It’s showing kids how Covid spreads.

As a nation, we cannot begin to heal until we confront our government’s web of shameless lies about the clear menace of Santa Claus.On Saturday, at a forum moderated by the neurosurgeon and journalist Sanjay Gupta, veteran anchor Erica Hill and two of the least embarrassing figures in American news media — Big Bird and…

government Technology tracking

Government is tracking Americans' cell phones to see how they move and spread coronavirus

US government is tracking Americans’ cell phones to see how they move and spread coronavirus during the pandemicThe data comes from the mobile advertising industry 500 cities could eventually be monitored in a portal that will be accessible by federal, state and local officials to help implement epidemic response Goal of the portal would be to help…