money turning

What is the cost of turning off the lights?

Photo: Lolostock (Shutterstock)We’re officially entering into a period of collective belt-tightening as the economy is going through some stuff. Everything suddenly seems more expensive, wages aren’t exactly shooting up across the board, and old-school money-saving techniques are springing from the depths of our memories. But what if you’ve cut all the corners and still need…

nations turning

Turning the nation’s capital into a Kendall Square

Washington, DC, is dominated by the federal government and tourism, but Jeff Jamawat, MCP ’19, SM ’19, thinks that’s no longer enough. “We want people to also recognize DC as a tech hub,” says Jamawat, associate director of economic development and innovation at the Golden Triangle Business Improvement District. The nonprofit is launching an innovation…

Navajo turning

How Navajo turn on taps even in remote areas

Smith Lake, N.M. Ida Joe flinches a little as the tap sputters, then spurts water into the sink. Cautiously, tentatively, she pushes her hand under the faucet. She feels the water soak her skin and run through her fingers – first cold, then hot. After a few seconds, she starts to laugh.Outside the one-room house…

anime turning

RWBY Is Turning Into An Anime Series

When “RWBY” premiered in 2013, many fans have considered it an anime series because of the all the characters’ physical traits, despite its full-blown computer animation style. On Friday, March 25, Rooster Teeth announced the show is being turned into an actual anime dubbed “RWBY: Ice Queendom.” It’s not exactly a reboot, since the original…

Pixar's turning

Pixar’s “Turning Red” perfectly captures the awkwardness of adolescence

A good group of friends can get you through anything, even the most awkward phase of your life. Disney/Pixar In the opening sequence of Pixar’s Turning Red, we’re introduced to 13-year-old Meilin Lee (voiced by Rosalie Chiang), a confident, bubbly Chinese-Canadian girl who proudly proclaims, “This is gonna be the best year ever, and nothing’s…

point turning

A ‘turning point’ in global food pricing? Ukraine conflict threatens food security

The Agricultural Market Information System (AMIS), an inter-agency platform to enhance food market transparency and policy response for food security launched be the G20, issued a stark message this week. In no uncertain terms, the agricultural organisation said the ‘abrupt escalation’ of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine represents a significant threat to global food…

FACEIT turning

How FACEIT is turning its popular competitive gaming platform into inventory for esports ads

March 1, 2022 by Alexander Lee Leading competitive gaming platform FACEIT has launched an advertising service, FACEIT Ads. The service will allow brands to reach gamers directly within the esports platform, which administers leagues and tournaments for games such as Counter-Strike, Dota 2 and Rocket League. Since its founding in 2012, FACEIT has become one…

customer turning

Turning AI into your customer experience ally

It’s one thing to know whether an individual customer is intrigued by a new mattress or considering a replacement for their sofa’s throw pillows; it’s another to know to how to move these people to go ahead and make a purchase. When deployed strategically, artificial intelligence (AI) can be a marketer’s trusted customer experience ally—transforming…

Epigenetic turning

Turning back time with epigenetic clocks

In 2019, a small study raised the tantalizing prospect that ageing could be reversed. Scientists in California gave 9 men aged 51 to 65 a growth hormone and two diabetes medications for a year1. The drugs seemed to rejuvenate the men’s thymus glands and immune function. They also shaved 2.5 years off the men’s biological…

pharmacies turning

Pharmacies are turning away immunocompromised patients looking for 4th Covid shot

Patients with weakened immune systems — who are at high risk from covid-19 — say pharmacies are turning them away when they seek additional vaccine doses recommended by federal health officials. Alyson Smith became eligible this month for a fourth vaccine dose because her medications leave her immunocompromised. Although the Centers for Disease Control and…