Steam Uninstall

How to remove a Steam game

If you’ve completed a Steam game, or if you’re just tired of playing it, you can uninstall it from your PC to regain some of that valuable storage space. You can uninstall a Steam game using the Steam client or through Windows, the same way you would uninstall any other app. Uninstall a Steam game…

install Uninstall

How to Install (and Uninstall) Fonts on Windows 11

In Windows 11, fonts put personality into your writing with new typeface styles. In addition to the default fonts, you can easy to install new fonts—or remove fonts you don’t need. Here’s how to do both. How to Install a Font on Windows 11 To install a new font in Windows 11, you’ll need a…

Uninstall update

How to Uninstall an Update in Windows 11

Think a recently installed update is causing any issues on your Windows 11 PC? You can roll back the update and undo all the changes that it made to your computer. We’ll show you how to uninstall both updates and builds in Windows 11. In Windows 11, you get two types of updates: builds and…