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This weekend’s intense EMEA Valorant action – VCT Stage 2 Challengers

The excitement of VCT 2022 returns this week with the EMEA Stage 2 Challengers. Teams will appear on the server with their renewed rosters. Our highlight, Germany-based FOKUS will make their debut in the tournament. Let’s take a look at the matches to be played in the first week. Natus Vincere vs BBL Esports VCT…

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Valorant Twitch Streamer Accused Of Dodging, Muting Women

Jason “JasonR” Ruchelski, a former CS:GO player and full-time Twitch streamer, is under fire for reputedly dodging Valorant games in which women are present. He’s also defending himself in the worst way possible, saying he can’t disrespect women if he never interacts with them. It’s not a good look.At the start of this week, a…

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Valorant allows users to censor certain words in chat

In context: Toxicity in gaming has received much attention from developers lately. While trash talk has always been a part of competitive video games (and sports, for that matter), developers have been spending more effort to curb trash talk that borders on the line of abuse. Language filters are common, as are player muting, but…

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New ‘Valorant’ players will need to grind before they can play competitive games

A new playable character with an aggressive mobility-based kit isn’t the only potentially game-changing tweak coming to Valorant with the shooter’s Episode Four update on January 11th. Once the patch is live, new players will need to reach account level 20 before they can queue for competitive games. Previously, you only had to win 10…

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Valorant Champions 2021 – Opening Match Predictions & Betting Odds

The first ever Valorant Champions is just about to kick off with the first set of opening matches starting on the 1st of December. The event will bring 16 teams from all over the world, a mix of well-known names and top domestics teams stepping into the international stage for the first time. While games…

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The latest ‘Valorant’ hero is Chamber, the dapper sniper

Valorant players are getting another hero to use in Riot’s free-to-play shooter. As described by character producer John Goscicki, Chamber plays the “gentleman assassin” role, a Sentinel-class character who “bunkers down, and holds a location by getting frags.” He can do this through a skill and weapon set that includes a trap that scans for…