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Over Nine Million Viewers Tuned In to Queen Elizabeth’s Poignant Christmas Message

Queen Elizabeth’s annual Christmas Day speech had more viewers than any other program in the United Kingdom, according to reports. More than nine million people tuned in, with 7.4 million watching it on the BBC and 1.7 million viewers on ITV. Last year’s viewership was estimated at 6.3 million.The queen’s message, her second since the…

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12 Episodes That Left Viewers Shocked In “Tales From The Crypt”

These episodes are spooky and just in time for Halloween. Earlier this month we asked the BuzzFeed Community to let us know their favorite episodes from Tales From The Crypt. Aaron Rapoport / Everett Collection And here are their favorites below. 1. “Dead Right” (Season 2, Episode 1) HBO “I love the one with Demi…