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Volunteer Veteran Who Maintained Young Dolph’s Memorial Shot and Killed. Police Investigate Possible Connection To Dolph Murder

Jeremiah Taylor, the volunteer army veteran, who cleaned and maintained Young Dolph memorial daily, was shot and killed in Memphis on Friday, February 25th.  Police are investigating the murder to determine if there are any connections to Young Dolph’s killing. 161 Views Taylor was beloved in the Memphis community and gained popularity because of his…

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Thousands in Hong Kong volunteer to adopt hamsters amid COVID-19 fears

Register now for FREE unlimited access to Reuters.comHONG KONG, Jan 19 (Reuters) – Thousands of people in Hong Kong volunteered on Wednesday to adopt unwanted hamsters after a mass cull order from the government over COVID-19 fears raised alarm that panicky owners would abandon their pets.Authorities ordered on Tuesday 2,000 hamsters from dozens of pet…